question: 30-06 accuracy loads

question: 30-06 accuracy loads

This is a discussion on question: 30-06 accuracy loads within the Cartridges & Calibers forums, part of the Sniping Related category; I have been using a rem 700 30-06 med weight barrel, and am looking for folks with "pet" loads. I have been using 48gr of ...

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    question: 30-06 accuracy loads

    I have been using a rem 700 30-06 med weight barrel, and am looking for folks with "pet" loads. I have been using 48gr of 4064 with both 168 and 175gr matchkings. I am getting .5 to .7 at a hundred and 1.5 to 2" at 300. I was thinking of using 180 or 190gr matchkings a well.....what ever you guys come up with that will work for better accuracy. What advice do you all have? thanks.

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    Stick with what you have. Out of a factory barrel you are getting good groups. The 168 and 175 will take down anything in north america. The only real reason to go to a heavier bullet is if you want to shoot 1000 yards or want to hunt dangerious game ie Big bears.

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    If you go to "", they have a "Guns of the Week" forum. Look at week 91. The article is about a tube gun that German Salazar had built in 30-06 but if you go to the bottom of the article he has a segment on loading the 30-06 for long-range. He writes for several shooting publications and is recognized as somewhat of an expert on loading for and shooting longrange. Some good info there.

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    All from my McGowen barreled Savage 116 in 30-06...

    47.5 Varget, Hornady 168 BTHP

    49.0 4064 168 BTHP

    47.5 Varget HOrnady 168 BTHP

    Hope that helps!
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    I use 46.7 gr of IMR4064 with 168gr Nosler BTHPs with great results. .25 MOA at 100yds.



    Generally will hold 3-4" groups at 500 yards, usually with only about 1" vertical spread.

    I'm working up a load with 180gr SMKs, right now 47.8gr IMR4064 is giving me about .3-.4 MOA. Once I finish all of my ladders I will take it out to 500 and 1000.

    I use CCI BR primers, Black Hills brass.

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    I use 53.3 grains of H4350, CCI Primer, LC brass and 200 grain Sierra Match King. Works great for me. Rem 500 with a Broughton barrel.
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