Nosler CC and Sierra MK - Big difference

Nosler CC and Sierra MK - Big difference

This is a discussion on Nosler CC and Sierra MK - Big difference within the Cartridges & Calibers forums, part of the Sniping Related category; I just got a Hornady OAL gauge and find some differences. I ran ten of each and averaged. The Noslers were all so close to ...

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    Nosler CC and Sierra MK - Big difference

    I just got a Hornady OAL gauge and find some differences.

    I ran ten of each and averaged.

    The Noslers were all so close to each other it was very impressive.
    The weight of all the Noslers was also exceptionally close.
    OAL just touching the lands is 2.831.

    The Sierras were all over the place for two reasons.
    When I started getting readings all over the place I measured the length and weight of the Sierras and they had a range of over .030 in length.
    The weights were also not consistent with the weighing 155gr. to just a hair over 168.
    The OAL just touching the lands at 2.907, way to long even if the set-back is generous.

    I have heard other say they were not using many Sierras and I wonder if that's why.

    I think what i've seen here is that Nosler Match Kings and not worth a damn.

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    It's been widely known that SMK's vary in length where it counts by a significant amount, the base to ogive measurement. This measurement is determined by the cavity in the swaging die and all dies have some variation. Sierra just runs all the production from their machines into a common "bin" and fill boxes from there.

    Nosler prides themselves on filling boxes with bullets produced on a single machine. Each machine fills it's own boxes so all the bullets in a box will be more uniform.

    The fact is that both bullets have Tangent ogive designs which allows for variations in "jump" with little or no effect on accuracy. In other words, they are very forgiving so generally this is not a problem.

    For those who feel it necessary to have everything the same from loaded cartridge to cartridge (BR or LR Shooters) Berger and Lapua bullets are quite popular as well as the Hornady line which is has, in my experience, been a lot more uniform in bullet construction. Also less expensive than the high end bullets.

    FWIW, the tipped bullets like A-Max/ELD's, TMK's, etc, are the wave of the future. More and more LR shooters are changing to them because of the importance of a uniform aerodynamic shape for their shooting discipline. Short range? Not so much.

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    Lapua Scenars
    Berger FullBore
    Sierra TMK

    All at 155 grains

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    I have noticed a little bit of variation in the 190gr smk's i shoot in my 30-06. It has only been a box or 2 though. I have worked up a very good load with the 190gr smk and the 195gr tmk. When i finish off the jug of rl19 i have for the 190's i will be completely switching over to the 195gr tmk's that i use imr4955 with.


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