I promised videos on the detailed disassembly and reassembly of the bolt and bolt face on a Savage 110/Stevens 200. It was promised to hill55, but I cannot find the thread it was supposed to be attached to, so here they are. Hope it is not too ate to of any use.

Bolt disassembly to get to the bolt face or change a bolt handle etc

Boltface diassembly to remove ejector for headspacing or gutting for replacement

Boltface reassemby to put gutted pieces in a new bolt face

Bolt reassembly and safety function check

Hope this helps someone somewhere. I had to edit references to snipercentral because I never heard back about permission to post the entire build based on the instructions on the site. I will post the build, but with heavy editing, if anyone is on the fence about trying it.

With this promised fulfilled, due to recent events, I will not be back. Hope this finds you well, and helps. Hapy hunting and straight shooting!