I read a few post and decided to list where I shoot here in North Carolina. The F-Class bug bit me about a year ago when I was introduced to one of the few electronic target backers east of the Mississippi River.

North State Shooting Club

They have been setting up range dates and holding rifle matches for years at the North Carolina National Guard's training center in Butner, NC.

REALLY nice range! I shoot both 600 yards and 1000 yard matches in the F-T/R class with my 18 pound Rem 700 in .308.

We shot a 1000 match a few weeks ago...COLD-COLD, Rain overnight and frozen wind flags the next morning! Still all in all it was a lot of fun.

We had shooters from NY, Ohio, Virginia, and NC not many though..To cold for some I guess...I think there were 35 shooters on Saturday and half of that on Sunday! The ice and winds got em I guess...15-25 mph winds at 1000 make for a tough day.