New member, new to long range

New member, new to long range

This is a discussion on New member, new to long range within the Introductions forums, part of the New Member Area category; Hi y'all I'm just starting venturing into to precision/long-range shooting. I mainly only shoot ARs and handgun but have had the urge to try my ...

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    New member, new to long range

    Hi y'all

    I'm just starting venturing into to precision/long-range shooting. I mainly only shoot ARs and handgun but have had the urge to try my hand at the longer stuff as my range goes out to 1600yds-ish. No plans to even attempt that distance any time soon!

    Anyway, I just purchased a set up and kept it on the cheap to start. Savage 10P-SR in 308 with 18" bbl. Primary Arms 4-14x40 with mil reticle and turrets. I figure maybe this rig can get out to 1000yds once I get some competence in the basics.

    I'm looking for any advice or good videos/articles to get me started. Specifically on proper form when shooting from the bench/table. Read a lot about "scope bite" and want to avoid it. I know eye relief is obviously a main factor, but how much does proper shouldering play into this? Have read so much contradictory advice from "shoulder it and pull it in FIRM" to "relax and let the rifle ride back with recoil". The latter sounds sketchy to me but I have no basis to offer an opinion as I'm new.

    Anyway. Thanks again for any pointers!

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    Primal Rights is one of the best sources for this kind of information i can find. Look into his articles.
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    Welcome to the forum! I'm not familiar with the scope, or the rifle, but I'm sure you'll be fine. You can upgrade along the way, if you get the bug.

    As to resources, Ryan Cleckner presents some very good videos on the NSSF Youtube channel. I bought his book as well, and heartily recommend it.

    I'd also recommend the 'Sniper 101' series of videos on Youtube. There's a lot of good info there.

    I can shoot moa sized groups all day, every day, with pretty much any rifle. It's just a pity that I don't live in New Zealand, and that they're extinct.......

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    Reaching out 1K with 18" .308 barrel is bit challenging. It can be done and there are shooters who doing it often enough, but I am not sure in how constant manner.

    Primary Arms has some effective budget scopes, but tracking is somewhat questionable. There are many people saying forget to dope the turret rather use the reticles to hold at max power.

    Well, I guess you will find out by your self. Let us know.

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