AR-15 Maximum Range?

AR-15 Maximum Range?

This is a discussion on AR-15 Maximum Range? within the Misc. forums, part of the Sniping Related category; Hey All, Thinking about getting an AR-15 and curious what the maximum range of an AR-15 is with a 16 inch barrel? As an instructor ...

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    AR-15 Maximum Range?

    Hey All, Thinking about getting an AR-15 and curious what the maximum range of an AR-15 is with a 16 inch barrel?

    As an instructor and during my qualification, we were shooting with open sights at 100 yrds with no problem, but we didn't have enough time to experiment with further distance. I've read some shooting with accuracy up to 300 yrds. Curious what one can do with a decent scope? Take Good Care All and Be Safe Always.

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    Well..the 20" A2 is good to 1000 with 6.5-twist barrels and 90 grain loads. But the standard A2 is really much better limited to 600 yards. We do really well at that range, though. With irons, the 1-MOA mark is not hard to achieve.

    The 18" Mark 12 SPR does really well out to 700 or so shooting the 77-grain Mk262 Mod 1 ammunition. That is some HOT ammo though. I won't load that warm.

    If you can't hit your "mark" with the stock M4 chromed 16" at 300 yards, you need to practice more, or there's a problem with your ammo or rifle. The platform is VERY capable of 2 MOA acuracy at that range.

    I'd say the 16" should make 400 fine, and maybe 500 okay...don't know for sure though. I'd recommend reading up on what our boys in the sandbox are finding.

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    Depending on your target and using 55-62 grain ammo with a 16 inch barrel around 210-235 yards. 20 inch barrel should get you out to 265-300 yards.

    Note Paper targets you might hit at 800-1000 and maybe make a hole.

    Just my opinion.


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    I have a 16" AR and have not had a chance to shoot past 200 yards, but I did kill a 170lbs. boar feral hog at 175 yards. I broke his back and dropped him on the spot with a Federal 50 grain hollow point. (Would not recomend using that round for hog hunting. It would have resulted in a wounded animal with a shoulder shot.)

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    A 16 inch I've used irons out to 300, and an ACOG at 400+. They were pretty slick though, M-4's with POF guts.
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    If you want range and are set on an ar you could look into the 6.5's or other calibers in an AR. Im in the middle of building a 6.5 grendel, and by in the middle I mean I have a stripped lower. :roll:

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    USMC Qualifies on the M16A2 at 500m open sight. You should be able to reach 500 with the 16" barrel just fine. I ring the 600m gong with mine open sight. Have not taken it any further out than that yet.
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    According to FM 7-8 shooting regular military ammo

    580M point
    800M area
    with a maximum range of 3600M
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    500 yards max effective range with a standard 5.56 m16/ar15 setup. No way you'll be shooting 1000 yards with any kind of accuracy or effectiveness. I have never shot past 500 on any marksmanship range with 5.56.

    They are pretty darn accurate out to 500 though. I shot intramural and division matches in the marine corps with it. 20/20 at the 500 usually (if the weather wasnt crazy).
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    i have seen many shooters shoot very good scores at 1000 yards with the ar15 and it is quite deadly at that range. i wouldnt want him shooting at me.
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