I just received my new aics stock a couple of days ago, and thought I would post some info for anyone else who may be considering this stock. When considering purchasing it, I looked for more pics and info, but had trouble finding them, so may be this will help someone.

The Stock came from Midway and was shipped in the aics box. when it arrived I was disappointed to see the front end of the stock hanging out of the box, but when I opened it all was well. It could be packaged better though.

The package includes the aluminum chassis, two plastic side panels, screws for the sides, one 5 round clip, screws to hold the action to the chassis, a 2.5mm hex wrench for the panel screws, and instructions.

The chassis is a very simple concept. It is just a long aluminum block that bolts to the action. There is plenty of room for a much larger barrel. I have the sps-v and even with the extra space it does not look out of place. The chassis bolted on very easily and fit was perfect. It was easier than putting the action in the factory tupperware. The bolts that hold the chassis to the action require a 3/16" hex wrench (not included) and are to be torqued to 6nm (53 in/lb). I just used my 65 in/lb torque wrench that I use for my scope rings. a little extra should not hurt as long as it is consistent and repeatable. as you can see from the picture, there is plenty of room for a larger than factory recoil lug.

The plastic side panels are held on with 8 screws that require a 2.5mm hex wrench (included). these are torqued to 7in/lb. The sides are also an excellent fit and once installed feel like they are permanently molded to the gun. There is no rattle or apparent flex with them. The stock feels much different than the factory stock, but it is a good feel. Recoil pad is excellent. there is not a lot of recoil with the .308, but even so, it was more comfortable to shoot. The flat foreend sits solid on the sandbags. The harris bipod attaches nicely to the supplied attachment point. The $350.00 ai bipod will have to wait. One thing I am not very excited about is the sling attachment points. I am going to try some sling hooks and see how they work. If they don't work I will probably spend the $65.00 to get the one made by ai. It would be nice if they also had standard sling swivels.

The detachable magazine is another work of art. The gun cycles shells much more smoothly than the factory bottom metal. I did not have a single fail to feed in the 31 rounds i fired through it. I was having a problem with this in the factory stock. After seeing how well this system works it is no wonder that most other companies use ai clips as well.

The adjustable cheek pad is comfortable. I have a 20moa badger base and mk 4 low rings, so i did not even need to raise it. It is adjusted using a 5/16" hex wrench (not included- but same size as factory remington action screws).

That's all I can think of-- if you have questions let me know.