Long range with cheap scope

Long range with cheap scope

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    Long range with cheap scope

    Hi all,
    I have a friend who is a shooter for very long time. He have alot of Browning rifles in most popular calibers (308, 7mmMag, 300Win Mag, 270WSM etc). On all of his rifles he have 3 kinds of scopes : Tasco,NcStar and one cheap Bushnell. Most of his shooting is done up to 300 yds. Even those rifles are hunting rifles the groups are sub-MOA constantly (with 270WSM).
    He's dream as a hunter is to make a hit at 800yds. I have no doubt that he is more than capable of making that shot but scope is a weak part he refuse to change. My question is : how to make someone, with more experiences as a shooter and hunter, to take your advice and change the scope on the rifle. He constantly assures me that Tasco and NcStar are great scopes, accurate etc. He totally neglect existence of other scopes even his best friend have couple of Leupolds. He is making all our conversations to crap when we start talking about scopes. I hope someone could help me with this little problem of mine.
    Thanks in advance

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    Man I had 2 Ncstars and they both went to crap. Some people cant be changed no matter what you say to them. Did he ever even try a leupold or other high end glass maybe showing him the difference will change his mind. Or maybe just keep on outshooting him every time you go to the range and say its cause of the scope :lol: . I hate to say this maybe you have to buy him a half decent scope for his birthday until he gets used to good things.

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    The best way to convince someone to try something new is to prove that it works. If you can't out shoot your friend why would he try the equipment you suggest? I have the same issue with my father. He's into hunting and is an excellent shot, taking deer out to 600yds (Texas holdover). All the equipment he uses works sufficently well. But when my buddy and I took our equipment and got to where we can consistantly make hits on eggs out to 500yds, he certianly took notice! He still won't buy an accurate tactical/varmint rife and put on a scope with target knobs, or shoot a .308 caliber rifle (because of the ballistics), But there is no doubt in his mind that the system is superior and works very well. Other buddies of mine are getting themselves set up right now and are convinced beyond any doubt. You have to prove it! Words are cheap! As a side note: I wouldn't suggest shooting a deer at 800yds unless you actually practice at that distace and are more than proficent. I've shot a deer at 500yds, but only because I practice at long distance regularly, and can hold a much better group than the size of a kill zone. If you make a lethal hit @ 800yds. people will admire you, but, if you attemt one and miss or injur an animal people will think you're a Dusche.


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