Just bought of the these to "try out", they are somewhat the rage at some rimfire forums. A local dealer is a stocking distributor of these and I was able to look at some of the 2.8-10 to 4-12 modes at a local store. At this store they where $179-229. These models are said to be what once was Simmons AETEC scopes. Sportsman's Gude has these models for $52-100 depending on model and if you are a member. Optics are pretty good, I thought at the time slightly below a Buckmaster level (although I was comparing it side by side with a larger 50obj Buckmaster). I knoticed on a wholesale account with vendor that sales optics these are $125-150, considering the huge discounts on other scopes with same vendor on leupolds, nikons, etc this seems crazy considering SG and Natchez prices on these. These models have the old school, hunter type knobs.

Anyways I ordered the 6.5-20x44 model (for $89 from SG member price) and that is what I am reviewing. Ths model is said to be not from the old AETEC but a Simmons 44 MAG, some Weavers are said to to share the same glass, and the Weaver 6.5-20x44 40/44 Series is said to be replacing these (ATK Intensity owns Weaver).

Its more classic looking that tactical cool:

This scope is pretty nice, its one of the few that have "target turrets" under knob covers that actually look and work good (some leupolds and 6-18 buckmasters, come to mind). The knobs have 9moa per revolution, are in 1/8 clicks, and have turn counters. There are almost 6 turns. This scope had 54moa of verticle adjustment, which will allow to 100-1000yd zero with a 308 rifle when used with a 20moa ofset base. The Up/down and left/right is on the sides, so can be read from behind the scope, which is a nice feature, and they are resetable. The feel is great and there is a audible light click sound. Focus out to 1000yds or so is good.

Eye relief is great for a scope in this magnification and price range. I measured 4" of relief at 6.5x. This dropped down to 3" at 20x. At 6.5x you can be behind the scope 10" and still see through with reticle although picture is smaller. On 20x you have to be in exactly the right spot to see, which made taking pictures very difficult. Sorry for pic quality, not good at this and focus was not very good with these.

Optically they are in class similar to Nikon Buckmasters or Super Sniper scopes I have looked through.

Good value scope. The body is 2 piece design and focus in on front bell. Duplex only reticle.