100 yard zero dilema

100 yard zero dilema

This is a discussion on 100 yard zero dilema within the Optics forums, part of the Sniping Related category; OK, rem 5R .308,Warne Tactical 20 MOA base, nightforce rings, Nikon 4-16x50 scope with 50 MOA adjustments....will be shooting 168 gr. I will want to ...

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    100 yard zero dilema

    OK, rem 5R .308,Warne Tactical 20 MOA base, nightforce rings, Nikon 4-16x50 scope with 50 MOA adjustments....will be shooting 168 gr.

    I will want to shoot 100-1000 yds. When the scope was mounted and bore sighted, I was told it might shoot 5-6 inches high at 100. I have not shot it yet(waiting for the flurries to stop, will tomorrow) If this proves to be true how can i remedy it to shoot no more than 2" at 100, would really like to be dead on without bottoming out the scope Different base like 10 MOA??.... Any help Gents, thanks, Jim :?:

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    Shoot it to check before worrying about it too much. It might zero at 100 depending on how much windage is needed and how close the manufacturers elevation specs are. If it can't get all the way to 100 yard for you then a base with less MOA like a 10 MOA base would be an option.

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    100 yard zero dilema

    If you have 50 moa total adjustment in your scope, I would think you should be able to zero at 100 using a 20 moa base. I wonder if you will have enough elevation for your .308 at 1000 yards. Others far more knowledgable than I could answer that question.
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    go shoot it... you will likely be able to get it zeroed at 100 fine... now getting to 1000 might be a challenge..

    also... try some different ammo... my 5r milsepc 308 shot the 168s fine... but the gun has really started to shine with the 175g bullets.. im gonna try the 190s as well..

    the rifling in this gun is designed more towards the heavier grain bullets

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    Bore sighting is only a guess. They may have been refering to the fact that's about as close as they could guess and no telling just where it might hit.

    I would make my first shot at 25yds off a good steady rest. Then hold the scope on the point of aim and move the crosshairs to the point of impact. Then try a 100yd shot, again holding the scope on POA and moving crosshairs to POI. Then I would shoot my three shot groups to bring it to center of target.

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    I have the scope your talking about and you will need a 20moa base. Without it you will not be able to dial in for 1,000yds. Holdover would be possible but not dialing in elev-.
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    First, mount the scope. Done that, on the 20 minute rail? Cool.

    Now, get thee hence to the range. Make sure everything is on nice and tight. Now, come down 20 minutes. If you have a quarter-minute scope, that's 80 clicks.

    Now, achieve a precise zero at 100 yards.

    If you are shooting 168 grain match, with a 100 yard zero your bullet will drop about 425 inches at 1000 yards. Let's divide the 425 by the amount of times your zero range will go into the total range.

    1000 (total range) divided by 100 (zero range) equals 10.

    Now, divide the total bullet drop (425 inches) by 10. That will give you 42.5. Express this in MOA, or minutes.

    Come up 42 and one half minutes, and (hoping for dead calm, on a 60 degree day), send it! You should be on target. This data should do you well for the 168 grain MatchKing, moving out at 2650 fps. Of course, your mileage might vary.
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