1000 yard/metre ballistic reticle scope for .308

This is a discussion on 1000 yard/metre ballistic reticle scope for .308 within the Optics forums, part of the Sniping Related category; I am looking for suggestions on scopes with 1000 yard ballistic reticle with drop compensation in atleast 100 yard increments.Any reasonably good quality scope within ...

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    1000 yard/metre ballistic reticle scope for .308

    I am looking for suggestions on scopes with 1000 yard ballistic reticle with drop compensation in atleast 100 yard increments.Any reasonably good quality scope within about $1000.00. I really do not need the best of the best but something that is reasonably rugged and relaible and will get the job done. Mostly used for target and some hunting. A rangefinding feature and enough magnification and clarity to allow clear shot placement on pronghorn sized animals would be desired.

    Many Thanks

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    Re: 1000 yard/metre ballistic reticle scope for .308

    Only thing that comes to mind is the Zeiss line of scopes with their Z1000 ballistic reticle.I'm not sure on how accurrate the bdc reticles are as I've only tried a few and at shorter ranges,one was great and one sucked a_s,.Goodshootin'

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    Re: 1000 yard/metre ballistic reticle scope for .308

    BDC reticles and knobs are garbage. They are only good for one load at one environmental condition. Change anything and they don't work. Get a good hash mil based reticle and you can do holds to 1000 yards eaisly with your data.

    Check out the new 5-20x50 Super Sniper that they are running a special on at SWFA through Snipers Hide. They are $1000 now with the sales code until 6/17 and loaded with good features.

    http://www.snipershide.com/forum/ubbthr ... 286&page=1

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    Re: 1000 yard/metre ballistic reticle scope for .308

    I agree BDC's are not very good at all.
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    Re: 1000 yard/metre ballistic reticle scope for .308

    If you can live with MilDot consider the new Bushnell Elites:


    Also, Burris makes a cool Ballistic MilDot that is pretty functional:


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    Re: 1000 yard/metre ballistic reticle scope for .308

    I have had good luck with Shepard scopes for BDC Reticle

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    Re: 1000 yard/metre ballistic reticle scope for .308

    I'm with Rob01 on this one.
    A Horus Vision reticle in a Leupy or Bushy would keep you in the $1,000 range, but you'll want the Ballistic PDA to go with it, or at least the ballistic software. If your going to get something like a Horus, I'd go all the way and get the PDA to go with the scope, but you'll be getting up there in price.
    IMHO, Stick with a quality Mildot or Milhash reticle, get some ballistic software off the internet (some you can find free, or I have the Exbal from Nightforce $60) make some ballistic cards for different conditions, and have a Kestrel handheld weather station handy.
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    Re: 1000 yard/metre ballistic reticle scope for .308

    While I agree that a good Mil Based Reticle with target turrents is a better option .... If your set on a BDC scope ...

    http://www.rapidreticle.com/Main/ScopeI ... =3&grpID=3

    I actually have there 3-9 22LR version on a 10-22 and with standard HV ammo it works decent. Additionally Pride Fowler designed the Rapid Reticle for Ziess ....

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    Re: 1000 yard/metre ballistic reticle scope for .308

    For hitting center of an X Ring BDC knobs are not the way to go.

    For hitting bad guys at unknown distance a good BDC set up is freakin great.

    Here is trick to BDC reticles. Get one set to primary AO average air temp and altitude or Density Altitude set up as David Tubb uses.

    Then use top knob for fine adjustment when things change.

    An example is I have my BDC set for condition one. Well things change and I use Comp to figure out I need .50 moa change for out to 600 yards. .75 moa change 600-800 yards and 1 moa change for 1000 yards. Like on the DTAC Reticle I just dial down the appropriate amount to hit center at those ranges.

    To make this easier I just make pre made data cards that tell me the difference, but in field you can just hold over to get good solid bad guy hit.

    Lets say data has changed and I need 1.5 moa change at 1000 to take out bad guy so I just use 1000 mark on scope and come up roughly 15-16" on target for aimpoint. This is faster than fine dialing

    If data does not change you can quickly just use hol over marks without adjustments while a knob turner always has to turn knobs.

    This is one reason the Horus smaller reticles are bcoming so popular with military uits as they just learn hold overs for range/ Density Altitude and they are good to go.

    Now if hitting cneter of paper for score is your way this is not fine enough and you will wish for knobs to turn.

    Thats anuttshel of it. Badguys at unknown distand hold over reticles shine.

    Paper at known distance they are dim comapred to knobs


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