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This is a discussion on Scope for M40A1 within the Optics forums, part of the Sniping Related category; Originally Posted by westpacusn M40A1 received from GA Precision, just a wonderful piece of workmanship, everything I expected. Look forward to seeing the pics (and ...

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Thread: Scope for M40A1

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    Re: Scope for M40A1

    Quote Originally Posted by westpacusn
    M40A1 received from GA Precision, just a wonderful piece of workmanship, everything I expected.
    Look forward to seeing the pics (and a range report if you get the time). It's your rifle and nobody else's. You enjoy it. I changed the $235 Redfield 3-9X40 for a much more expensive scope which I thoroughly enjoy using despite the fact that the setup is now very different in appearance to the original look. However, my wife now uses the Redfield on her Savage .223 and her score was only a couple of points below my own in the last match we shot at 600 yards - not that I was shooting particularly well but it was her first time with that rifle and scope and she nearly blew me away, so the glass quality is not an issue for her. That Redfield has had the windage and elevation on it ramped up and down so often now that it borderlines on abuse. Nevertheless it continues to perform (I have had no problem with the clicks although the design is very basic. You have to remember how many full turns you have on it. I log it, for example, like this: 1.9.3. Which means one full turn (15moa) plus 9moa and three clicks [.75moa]). It's not as awkward as it sounds in practice, but - for sure - you have to keep your wits about you if you want to get it returned to the orginal zero setting (hence the abuse that little scope of mine took with checks on mechanical zero when I changed it over to her rifle in particular and simply winding it up and down to 1000 yard setting and back). A mate tried my wife's rifle (with the Refield) at 700 yards last week and was soon getting into the X-ring. He commented on the quality of the glass. Another mate at the club (having seen how it has performed over various ranges went and bought two of them!).

    As a tactical scope it is not in the race of course. The orginal Redfield (on the M40 and early M40-A1s had a 'tombstone' rangefinder. The modern version has some dope on the width of various parts of the reticle (at particular magnifications) but you'd be dead before you could do the ranging. It's not a tactical scope but I remain amazed at the general quality and reliability for the price, and it did give the rifle a little hint of that wonderful M40-A1 classic look. Now my wife is using it to humiliate me during competitions. I can't wait to see how she goes at 1000.

    As you've already departed to a degree from the original M40-A1 look, then - like myself - you may be looking for a scope that has more bells and whistles and provides an effective range finding device. Once you break the M40/M40-A1 spell, you can fit what you want.

    Even so, it's sad that companies like Unertl pass (quite literally) away and scopes like the MST 100 are difficult to get at the fiscally responsible working man's salary.

    Whatever the final look. Have fun and shoot well.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tylerw02 View Post
    Its only an M40A1 if it has the Unertl/MST100.

    Its only an M40A1 if it was built for and used by the USMC.

    I'd recommend getting over the fantasy of cool factor and all that and get the most useable optic you can afford. There's a reason the original unit was replaced.

    I'd look at the M5 Leupolds, Nightforce, Vortex, etc. Also, don't rule out the Bushnells.
    I had my M40A1 built by Texas brigade Armory-They build M40A3's and M40A5's for the Marine Corp and M24 style rifles for Police and Army in Texas. So apparently when a Marine uses the Leupolds on their M40A3's they aren't M40A3's??? Nonsense. It is what it is if it is built by the same people under the same mil-spec precision. Now granted, if you put a $50.00 Simmons scope on an M40A1 rifle, it greatly diminishes the rifle's quality (like building a ghetto highrise in the middle of Central Park West), but it is still an M40A1 rifle if it was built by the same people under the same standards...

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    The Unertl and USO were not the only scopes used on the M40A1. On early A1s, Satin Black (version 2, had taller turrets) Redfield 3-9x40 scopes were also mounted and used. Recommendation: find a 2nd gen of one these with the correct tombstone reticle on ebay, send it to Connor at who can rebuild/anodize it for you and you will be good to go for under $1000. See photos of my 2 rebuilt scopes below:

    Satin black:




    Remember, the black came after the green scope and is second gen.

    In the end it comes down to how accurate you want to be in your build. As others have said, there's a reason the Unertl and USO scopes were replaced. Modern glass is better sealed and higher quality than the older scopes.
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    Point taken. However, as far as the M40A* rifles that TBA builds, they claim on their website that they do work for the USMC and police. I was just regurgitating what I read from their website. As far as my rifle being a M40A1 facsimile, my rifle resents that remark and she wanted me to let you know. LOL. The fact that I can get 1/4 MoA accuracy utilizing M118LR ammunition @ 100 yards tells me that they definitely know how to build a rifle that I am a proud owner of, so facsimile or not, it performs.

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    Leupold 3.5-10x M2 or M5
    USO 10x
    Nightforce 2.5-10x32mm
    Vortex PST 2.5-10x44mm is really nice for the price
    Bushnell 3-12x44mm FFP G2

    If we can be of help please let me know.

    Mike @ CST

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