Range Finder Input

Range Finder Input

This is a discussion on Range Finder Input within the Optics forums, part of the Sniping Related category; Im looking to buy a range finder, and cant really break the bank right now. We can go out to 1025yds at my range and ...

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Thread: Range Finder Input

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    Range Finder Input

    Im looking to buy a range finder, and cant really break the bank right now. We can go out to 1025yds at my range and would like something capable of that if possible. If I could get some feed back and why, I would really appreciate it. It does not need to be the most durable as it will not be getting bumped around.


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    I ended up buying a sig Kilo 2000, for I think $350 on sale.

    It's an old model now so it can probably be had pretty close to that price.

    I've ranged out to 1200 yards, others have ranged farther, but I've done 1200 myself.

    It was harder to do since it doesn't have a tripod mount at that distance freehand is pretty hard so i found a decent support to lay across.

    Can't really complain about it.

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    Rhyno, how big of target were you ranging at 1200?

    I got a cheap little one good for 900, but it has a hard time picking thing up at distance.
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    I got my gun today. Went to the range. You guys weren't kidding. Even off a rest it seemed to be touching the barrel. What an utter piece of s*** that Hogue stock is.

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    I have ranged a 13" target at 916 yards with my Kilo 2k. Also a 20"x28" steel plate at 1100.
    Have also ranged a dirt hillside at 2k yards.

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    MGM BC steel target, but it may have been getting the hill behind it.

    I don't think it was, I was using the scan feature and sweeping, and the hill was a few yards beyond that, the target would give me a reading that was slightly closer.

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    There's always a MIL-DOT MASTER and just use the reticle in your scope. ~$35 and no batteries to go dead Add your own "Cheat Sheet" in the provided spot and you're GTG. Can even calculate true shooting range if on an incline. Real basic but it does work well. Only downside is that the user needs to know target sizes for the calc's. On a range the sizes are often known. In the field they can be estimated well by looking at known objects at the same distance,
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    There are good reviews on Sniper Central:

    Laser Range Finders Leica Rangemaster 1200 LRF (07/15/05)
    Bushnell Elite 1500 LRF (12/12/07)
    Nikon Prostaff 7i LRF (05/21/15)
    SIG Kilo 2000 (02/05/16) the URL is here: SIG Kilo 2000 LRF - Full Review - Sniper Central
    Zeiss PRF Laser Range Finder (06/24/16)
    Vectronix Terrapin Laser Range Finger (10/07/16)

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    If you're just ranging target back boards (4'x4') with targets tacked on is one thing, if you are placing smaller targets or steel plates sporadically and trying to range them is another thing. Which are you doing?

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    I have a bushnell elite 1600. It does fine out to about 600 yards. The max I have ranged was 1800 and some odd yards...but not at all consistently.

    The problem I have is picking out targets. I can range a hill or trees at 1200 without much difficulty...but when I have a 12X18 plate sitting by itself in a field it will not pick it out unless it is inside of about 600 yards. When I shoot at my inlaws I have about 2000 yards that I can shoot. I have to place the target on the irrigation pad so that I can see it...so it is about 250 yards shy of the trees. In order to range the target I have to range the tress from the target and then subtract whatever that is from the total. It will hit the trees at 900, 1000, 1200, 1300...but will not hit the plate.

    When I get ready to purchase a new rangefinder it will probably be a vectronix of some flavor. I hope to get to use one this May when I attend the shooting class so that I can see first hand how it really compares to the Bushnell. Maybe we can compare the Bushnell to the Sig too while we are there.
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    I'll certainly be bringing it. I probably won't have a tripod for it, I'm sure if I did it would make it a bit easier.

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