My Robinson XCR review/range report

My Robinson XCR review/range report

This is a discussion on My Robinson XCR review/range report within the Rifles forums, part of the Sniping Related category; ... C00371.jpg It's a Robinson Armament XCR (Light) in 5.56 with bull barrel and "enhanced" trigger. Features the standard stock (although I've ordered an ...

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    My Robinson XCR review/range report ... C00371.jpg

    It's a Robinson Armament XCR (Light) in 5.56 with bull barrel and "enhanced" trigger. Features the standard stock (although I've ordered an adapter for an M4 folding version 2 weeks ago and still haven't receive it)

    As you can see it has an EOTECH and Magpul MBUS as well as a Lasermax green "uni" on the front. Also features an ergo grip (with plug...haha) and ergo hand guards. I'm not sure who made the pistol grip, I bought it from Wilson Combat.

    Okay, so I shot a combination of 55 grain Winchester and 62 grain Wolf. The gas setting was at "4" which is the highest setting and recommended for break-in.

    The rifle had 2 total malfunctions through 80 rounds. Both were the bolt group not going foward all the way, but pushing the round into the chamber. The second time it happened, I attemped to use the "forward assist" which on an XCR is simply nudging the side charging handle. No dice. I had to drop the mag, lock the bolt to the rear and fish the round out.

    I'll give the rifle the benefit of the doubt for the first 200 rounds or so.

    As far as accuracy goes, I couldn't report. I basically shot seated unsupported with my Eotech. I can tell you that my three round groups at 25 meters were as tight as any I've shot with an M-4. I buried 20 rounds at the end into the shoot-n-see using moderate rate of fire and had a total pattern about 5" in diameter. Not bad at all.

    As far as ergonomics go. Some highs and lows.

    Good: Shot 80 rounds through it and it literally took me 1/4 of the time to clean it(compared to an AR). The gas tube comes out so there's no ports or crazy spaces to worry about. The bolt is insanely simple....and it stays pretty darn clean, even with wolf ammo. As you would expect, the dirtiest parts are the gas tube and gas tube chamber.

    Good: Folding. Because the gas piston setup does't require a buffer tube in the stock, you can fold it. I bought a nice soft bag for it and it's just a little bit bigger than a standard suitcase (when arranged from corner to corner).

    Good: comes standard with little features like quad rails, single top rail and magpul enhanced trigger guard.

    Neutral: Magazine release. The magazine release is an ambidextrious button situated at the front bottom part of the trigger gaurd. You simply press down on it (from either side) and the mag drops. Being ambi, isn't really an advantage to me (I usually only shoot righty, but I guess, if I HAD to shoot lefty for some strange reason, it would be useful....but if that were the case.....dropping the mag would be the least of my worries)

    Good/Bad: Safety. The safety is ambi as well, and it features a 30 degree can't verses the 90 on an typical AR. Presumably, this makes it more ergonomic and quicker. HOWEVER, the safety on mine is VERY stiff and actually quite difficult to switch. If you do drills like most people which involve patrolling on safe, a fluid switch and fire, this safety MIGHT be considered a detriment. Hopefully it'll loosen up a litte.

    Bad: Weight distribution. As you'd expect, the rifle is a bit heavier and in the wrong place. The weight is more forward, which makes using a pistol grip close to the mag well almost a must. It's certainly not as nimble as a short M-4 and you can actually "feel" and notice the weight difference.

    Neutral: Charging handle. Features a side charging handle which allows you to charge the weapon while still trained on target/eyes down the sights. However, I can't think of a single situation where I was trying to charge my rifle while preoccupied with my target. If it's a jam, chances are you're going to have to turn the rifle and observe the chamber anyway. If you're loading a magazine, chances are the bolt is locked back (from the previous mag depletion) or you're loading it for the first time, so I don't think you'd go charging into a room without a mag in the well.

    Overall the rifle is high quality and tight. It has that feel to it that it was machined and assembled well and by those who knew what they were doing and generally cared about details. It "seemed" to be accurate and the felt recoil was negligible (didn't notice a discernable difference between the XCR and a typica AR setup).

    All in all, I'm happy, but have raised an eyebrow. My AR-4 malfunctioned only in one setting and the gas block had come loose. Otherwise it shot/fed like a dream. It was a pain to clean, but worked.

    I'm thinking that in extreme conditions (ie mud/dust/harsh duty like 10000 rounds through it) is where this rifle will shine. Obviously, most of us don't operate that way, but being a Glock fan, I like to know that when I squeeze, the firearm goes "bang." So I'll monitor and I can tell you this. I don't keep guns in my safe that aren't reliable. I've dumped Kimbers, Springfields, etc....that just weren't worth having around. 1 malfunction in 10000 rounds is one too many.

    More to follow
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    I've got one and I can honestly say after waiting 8 months for it, I almost turned right around and sold it. It's growing one me, but I don't think I'll keep it for ever.

    The functioning does get smoother after a few hundred rounds. The last couple of times I've been to the range with mine it hasn't malfed, but it certainly did a few times too many while breaking in. Granted I was breaking it in with some surplus junk and not doing much other than polishing the bore.

    The heavy barrel, which I have also, is probably the least worthwhile option I can think of. The accuracy isn't any better than the light barrel from everything I've heard and even if it is, I wouldn't describe it as accurate. Combat accurate maybe, but even that's a stretch. The heavy barrel does add too much weight exactly where it's not needed. I would venture to say the only reason to get one is if you plan to cut it back to 11 or 12 inches and want a shoulder for your flash hider. (Which was my plan since I intended to keep it at least until I leave California.)

    As for the safety, I had the same issue. I think it may have something to do with the Ergo grip, which I'm also running, although mine is probably ten years old. I bought it for an AR and then tossed into one of my boxes of random gun stuff and forgot about it. Anyway, I ended up drilling the hole in the grip for the safety spring a hair deeper and then fine tuning it by slowly shortening the spring. Works flawlessly now and with the kind of pressure you would expect. (Which is to say you don't have to get completely out of position to make it work.)

    Honestly, the fit and finish as well as some of the design work leaves a bit to be desired. The only thing nice about the stock is the folding mechanism. Since I've got a fixed, California version, I would say the stock is functional at best. And what were they thinking when they stuck that sling loop on the top of the stock? I think I'm gonna go cut that thing off before it bites me behind the ear one more time.

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    Fixed er for ya....

    nice rifle.


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    Nice rifle, and an excellent, unbiased review. Bill T.
    I don't "need" my AR-15 Assault Rifle any more than Rosa Parks "needed" to sit in the front of the bus.

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    Here's mine:

    Here's 10 rounds @ 50 yards rapid fire:

    I haven't had any of the safety selector problems you have incurred. Although during the break in period I had at least 8 malfunctions. However, since the break in period no problems at all with it.


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    The break in period is approximately 300 rounds. During this period parts slightly wear against each other until they glide smoothly.

    If you use weak ammunition such as Wolf during the break in period, you may experience malfunctions which are caused by the bolt not moving back far enough when the rifle is fired.

    Suggestions for Easy Break In

    1) Make sure the rifle is well lubricated during the break in period. (You should not need much lube after the break in.)
    2) Use hot ammo such as "American Eagle" during the break in period. (Note: Weak ammo such as "Wolf" and other light ammo will cause you grief during the break in period.) And
    3) Leave the gas setting to setting 4 (the highest setting).
    4) We love to talk to our customers. However, it's best to follow these procedures before calling.

    That is right from Robinson's webpage. I bet that explains those malfunctions. I think you should have opened the owner's manual that came with your rifle and read the proper break in as it calls for 300min rounds with hot loads like American Eagle Black box.

    With regard to recoil after the break in period reload some SS109 clones, drop the gas down to 2 and let me know how the recoil is. My 12yr old daughter shoots while moving without a problem with it set up like that. I clean the barrel either after 500rds or when I am done shooting that day and know I am over. The gas system has been cleaned once after break in. I am in the 5000rd range. Put a drop of oil on the safety and work it. It gets smoother.

    With your charging handle issue did you push the knob in towards the bolt or just try to push it forward. I am also wondering what you mean in regard to the magizine release. Mine is in the exact same spot as any AR style rifle. The bolt catch is on the bottom of the lower though.
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    Some more info on the XCR. The John is John Farnam.

    21 Sept 09

    Urban Rifle Notes, from a Course in PA last weekend:

    (1) A student shooting an M1 Carbine suddenly experienced a stubborn

    Examination revealed the problem:

    Magazines were charged from a box of S&B hardball. Mixed in with 30M1
    ammunition was a single 38Spl round! It looks similar enough that it took us
    several minuted to figure out what was happening. This is the second time I
    've seen this with S&B ammunition. The first time, 222 Remington rounds
    were mixed in with 223 Remington!

    Not my favorite brand!

    (2) To my surprise and puzzlement, my 7.62X39 XCR suddenly started to
    hiccup. All my XCRs are wonderfully reliable, and I was unsure what was
    happening. I thought I may have broken an internal part.

    Nothing nearly so exciting, as it turns out! The problem was that the
    single bolt that holds the barrel in place had loosened. When we tightened it
    back up, the rifle resumed normal functioning.

    When I subsequently talked with Alex Robinson, he confirmed that the
    barrel-bolt should be checked regularly. It needs to be "hand tight, then
    seventy degrees more (1/4 turn)."

    (3) In addition, Alex recommended, "... gas valve should be set so brass is
    thrown fifteen feet. When you're throwing brass forty feet, you'll
    regularly consume recoil buffers."

    Sure enough, examination revealed that the rubber recoil buffer on my XCR
    was badly chewed-up. Easily replaced, and the rifle will run fine without
    it, but my rifle's gas valve had been closed all the way, and the weapon it
    sees a lot of use.

    I learned a few things about it last weekend! The XCR is a superior
    system, and I recommend it, but, as with any military rifle, users need to be
    familiar with all important issues.

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    In regard to the accuracy of the XCR here is a target shot at 200yds with dying light. My wonderful Tasco 3-9 used. Shots were fired at exactly every 1000 count right up to 30-1000.

    I would say that is plenty good for a battle rifle.
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