Bolt Action VS. Single Shot

Bolt Action VS. Single Shot

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    Bolt Action VS. Single Shot

    Which in your opinion is better? Disregarding time to reload after each shot. Which do you find more accurate? Two guns in the same price range, would the single shot be more accurate, or the bolt action.
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    Neither units will have anything to do with how they perform. Are you comparing specific brands? Two identical rifles will perform differently form each other due to tolerances.

    Kinda like asking which one is sweeter, an apple or a pear. What brand apple and which type of pear? :wink:
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    Most of the accuracy gain you are going to get from a single shot is from manually seating the cartridge. You can manually seat a cartridge in a multi-shot to get the same effect. It might also be argued that you can get some additional stiffness in the stock when there is no space for a magazine (as in a single shot). I don't know what that gain may be... but there is potential there.

    If I were building a bench rest gun, I would probably go single-shot. For almost all other applications, I think you would prefer to have that extra round(s) in reserve.

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    single shot

    My question is what type single shot are we talking? a break open NEF Rossi? a Ruger #one? or a single shot bolt gun such as the savage( cant remember model#)? if a break open then almost always the bolt gun will be more accuarte, between the single shot bolt/benchrest or repeator imo it depends could go either way ,as stated above .
    just my thoughts as usual

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    I have both a repeater action .308 and a single shot .308. Ones a Remington 700, and the Other is an Omark 44. Both are good rifles.

    The single shot comes from tradition (IMHO) from using such rifles in comps. Barnard, CG INCH, Omark, Nielsen, etc all are single shot actions. They are all build for the target rifle world. Where as a Remington, Savage, Tikka, Sako, etc are all build for a multitude of uses: Tactical, Hunting, Competition, Plinking, etc.

    If I wanted a pure target rifle, then I would go with a single shot, you really do have to be slow with that, but you can be just as slow with a repeater action. Its what you prefer I think.

    What use would the rifle have for you??
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    Single shot?

    That's a loaded question. On the front end a single shot will do better than a mag load and far better than an auto.
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    neither, depending.

    Is one M700 308 more accurate than another M700 308--yes it is highly dependent on what parts went into that particular rifle, somewhat dependent on what machine those parts got cut on, and somewhat dependent on who actually assembled the gun. But, on average any M700 is very accurate--not benchrest accurate, but at least approaching tactical accuracy if fed with quality ammo. Also, on average the M700 is completely inaccurate in a tactical sense when fed a garden variety of poorly assembled, mismeasured ammo.

    Exactly the same argument can be made for the single shot (or any other bolt action rifle).

    One cannot access the accuracy of the gun alone--one must always consider the gun+ammo+shooter as a package {Note: under this definition, an ransom rest IS a shooter.}


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