Hey everyone. I have a savage 10fcp-k with the accustock and accutrigger. I decided to replace the stock with a Choate custom tactical stock and upon test fitting found that the rear tang on the action where the safety is was off a bit and had a gap between the stock and the rear tang so I either had to dremmel the rear part of the stock where the action bolt is or shim the front area of the action bolt so it did not come down too far when tightened and lifted the rear of the action. Before taking everything back off I decided to dry fire it and the trigger was stuck, so I recocked it and then it fired just fine. Now I tried to remove the action bolts and the rear bolt will not back out to save my life. The rifle has a box mag and the bolt release is on the bottom in front of the trigger guard and underneath that is where the rear action bolt is. Do you guys have any ideas what could be wrong? I tried everything from putting the front bolt back on to heating it with a blow dryer and the rear action bolt will not budge. I'm stumpped! :? Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks in advance.