Building a Long Range Rifle

Building a Long Range Rifle

This is a discussion on Building a Long Range Rifle within the Rifles forums, part of the Sniping Related category; I am begining to plan out the building of a long range/hunting rifle for myself. I need some input from some experts. I have decided ...

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    Building a Long Range Rifle

    I am begining to plan out the building of a long range/hunting rifle for myself. I need some input from some experts. I have decided on a Remington 700 for the action. I currently have one chambered in 7.62x63 (30-06). I have also been thinking about using either the 7.62x51 NATO or the 7mm Rem. Mag. My intended use for this weapon will be recreational (possibly beginner level competition) long range shooting and hunting whitetail deer. I would prefer to stay away from the .300 Mag due to ammo cost, recoil, and over kill for whitetail. Which round would better fit my needs? Obviously there is plenty of match grade ammo for the .308 and 30-06. If I do get into competition shooting.....can you use ballistic tips or does it have to be BTHP rounds. Also, I will be putting an aftermarket barrel on whichever action I choose. I really would like to get accuracy down below 0.75 or even 0.5 MOA (at 100 yds). I checked out custom barrels from hs precision and others that are over $1000 and some over $2000, then E.R. Shaw's barrels are no more than say $250. Are the barrels from E.R. Shaw any good/accurate....its got me scratching my head. Also, a local gunsmith here in Mississippi, Billy Tierce (he has a great local reputation) makes custom barrels for $600ish. I am at a loss when it comes to caliber, barrel manuf., and barrel contour/smooth/fluted straight/helical fluted.......Please help!

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    First Caliber. For what you want to do the 30-06 is probably the best of the three choices IMHO.

    Barrels- Any good reputable barrel maker would be good. Lots of good choices. Shilin, ER Shaw, Kreiger etc etc. As for conture and length with the 06 a 22-24 inch would be good.

    What type of competition would you be doing? That would help us point you in the right direction.

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    Not really sure what all is out there competition wise. I have competed in some CMP service rifle shoots, out to 200 yds. I am looking to challenge myself. I know that isn't really an answer to your question. Honestly, I just don't know what all is out there.......distance wise, from 100 all the way out to the effective range of the weapon......I love the challenge of distance. I am very new to all of this.

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    cal 3006 or 308 or 6.5x55
    barrel Pac-nor or rock creek
    stock any
    . stockade
    15-20 moa base
    heavy recoil lug
    glass bed
    scope 30mm tube
    burris xtr, Leupold MK4, so on.... no need for 50mm bell 4 and 44 is plenty
    action trued, lugs laped.
    thats a start

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    The military CMP matches i have shot had us shooting out to 500 yards (normally 600 but we don't have a range that long nearby) and for the any any matches people were shooting everything from top of the line full custom Palma rifles to m-21 EBR's. I haven't shot one yet waiting on it to get finished but have you looked at Mel's entry packages? they seem to be about the best way to get into it without spending too much money. If you do compete in the services cmp matches I recommend going with the .308, because you can get some free ammo and a lot of brass to reload.

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    as far as caliber depending on what you want to do with the rifle for compeition the .308 would be the best but for all around long range shooting I think the 7mm rem mag. just because of its high effecience


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