Howa .308 One Hole Wonder

Howa .308 One Hole Wonder

This is a discussion on Howa .308 One Hole Wonder within the Rifles forums, part of the Sniping Related category; Hello everyone, I wanted to post an article about my Howa .308, in case there is anyone interested in purchasing one of these. I know ...

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Thread: Howa .308 One Hole Wonder

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    Howa .308 One Hole Wonder

    Hello everyone,

    I wanted to post an article about my Howa .308, in case there is anyone interested in purchasing one of these. I know before I bought mine I read every forum available on these and was thankful there were people willing to share their thoughts and experience, so hopefully I can do my part and return the favor. I want people to know these rifles will flat out shoot and you don't need to spend a ton of money to get a tack driver off the bench.

    First, my intention is to post pics of the targets I've shot here, but the file attachement says my files are no good (?) so if anyone can walk me though getting pics on here I'll post those later. For now you're just going to have to trust me!

    I bought the barreled action ($467) and a put on a Boyds varmint laminate thumbhole stock ($125). I did not bed the action to the stock, just stuck it on there. Also the trigger is factory, but I have worked it down to about a pound. The factory trigger is a great trigger when adjusted right, which I did myself. Two screws, a little patients and you'll get there if you want to get this trigger as good as possible.

    The glass is a Leupold Competition 40x45 fixed with a target cross reticle. Obviously the rifle shoots the same regardless of the scope, the scope just makes me shoot better! And it really helps to make sure you're giving every favorable chance to the rifle. I wanted to know I hadn't cut any corners plus I like really really good scopes. This scope is $1050, but you can probably do just as well with less.

    The twist rate in the 24" .308 is 1-12, so the 168g bullets work the best. However I have tried everything from 155g to 180g just to expierment. The brass is Hornady Match, and below are the two loads I've found work the best. Presently, this rifle has had about 50 rounds put downrange.

    Hornady A-Max #30502 168g Ballistic Tip Boat Tail
    IMR3031, 41.3grains, 2600 FPS
    OAL: 2.805"
    Cases full-length sized

    At 100 yds the load above has produced a single ragged hole with a three shot group. These were shot from a semi-cool barrel.

    Sierra 168g Hollow Pt Boat Tail Match #2200
    IMR4895, 39grain, 2400 FPS
    OAL: 2.795"
    Cases neck sized

    These have produced cloverleaf shaped holes at 100 yds with three shots. These seem to group well hot or cold, just not both. What I mean is I can't just start pounding these out of a cold barrel, the shots seem to move slightly until the barrel is warm. More range time will give me better knowledge on this.

    Also I'm really looking foward to seeing how the Hornady rounds shoot from a neck-sized case. They can't really get any better, just got to make sure they don't get any worse!

    As stated before, I hope to post pics of these. If I can't get them posted, feel free to provide me your email address and I will send them to you.

    So the point of all this is that if you're considering the purchase of a rifle that is accurate pretty much out of the box without spending a forture look no farther. I also have one of these in a 22-250 with a light barrel that I haven't spent any time loading ammo for and it's already shooting touching shots at 100yds. I've only had and heard good experiences about these and personally I know they are accurate to less than 1 MOA if you spend some time with them.

    Also keep in mind there are many other variables that I haven't touched on, like propper break in and cleaning techniques, good rest, propper scope mounting, all that goes on and on. Hope this is useful to some of you, thanks for reading!

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    Re: Howa .308 One Hole Wonder

    That's beautiful. I'm a huge Howa fan...I think they're often overlooked. I did the same thing you did (less the $1K scope) and it was a beautiful stick. Only before I got to shoot it, a friend who was keeping tabs on my build, made me an offer I couldn't refuse. So I never got to shoot it.

    Anyway, the Howas are incredible. I need to see some pictures real soon.

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    Re: Howa .308 One Hole Wonder

    Ive herd real good things about HOWA rifles, congrats sounds like ya got a real nice shooter on your hands
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    Re: Howa .308 One Hole Wonder

    Congrats... keep shooting!

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    Re: Howa .308 One Hole Wonder

    Howa makes a great rifle.

    I recommend shooting ten shot strings to test the rifle's true accuracy. Almost anything will put 3 up.
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    Re: Howa .308 One Hole Wonder

    I considered one of those as well but ultimately went with the Remmy....from what I've read they are very nice rifles.......congrats!
    Let's see some pics!
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    Re: Howa .308 One Hole Wonder

    Pics would be great!

    Sounds like you got a shooter... nice!


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    Re: Howa .308 One Hole Wonder

    Ive got two of those one hole wonders. Mine are mounted in medalist stocks from Bell and Carlson. To say that a howa shoots is an understatement.
    I shoot 44.6 grains of N150 behind a 175 grain Nosler Custom Competition in my .308
    I shoot 26 grains of N133 behind a 50 grain Hornady vmax in my .223.
    .308 Howa 1500 w/24" heavy varmint barrel
    .223 Howa 1500 w/24" heavy varmint barrel
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    just bought my howa 308 gameking, out of the box it was a little off, might need to check the scope install, but I am a Marine, so I broke the rifle in, then zeroed for 200 yds. at 43 yard, group was ok, but at 200 yds had to adjust to wind, still shot 3 inch groups at 3.5 power. great gun for 500 bucks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    just bought my howa 308 gameking, out of the box it was a little off, might need to check the scope install, but I am a Marine, so I broke the rifle in, then zeroed for 200 yds. at 43 yard, group was ok, but at 200 yds had to adjust to wind, still shot 3 inch groups at 3.5 power. great gun for 500 bucks.
    I have shot a few $1500-$2000 .308 rifles that shot no better than my factory $750 Howa/B&C stocked rifle. When I say I will put it up against anything costing 2-3x as much, it is no BS.

    2 howas_2.jpg

    5 shots at 100 meters.
    "Pretty mouthy for a guy that has repeatedly demonstrated he's awfully short on experience. " -Orkan

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