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Rifle modifications that increase accuracy the most?

This is a discussion on Rifle modifications that increase accuracy the most? within the Rifles forums, part of the Sniping Related category; Where is Lonewolf when we need him? I know I’m a little late on this one but if you are speaking about Don Mayo ( ...

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Thread: Rifle modifications that increase accuracy the most?

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    Where is Lonewolf when we need him?

    I know I’m a little late on this one but if you are speaking about Don Mayo ( LoneWolf ) I am very sorry to say he passed away last year. I would say that’s probably why you all have not seen him on here for some time. Don was a good friend of mine and he went by the user name LoneWolf here and ODA726 on Snipers Hide…
    Don is greatly missed…
    Mike R.
    Tac Ops
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    Thank you for sticking this post. It's the second post I read since joining the forum a few hours ago.
    I think it's the best thread of any forum that I've ever come across as of yet and the truth resonates like a tuning fork.
    Thank you Nate and thank you all for freely sharing that which you worked so tirelessly to obtain.
    I look forward to reading and learning more here.
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    Amazing post Nate, and thanks to the OP for asking that question. I bought a 700 ADL in .308 this summer and love it. So far the only change has been a Nikon optic and adjusting the trigger to a lighter setting, snap caps will be here tomorrow. After reading this thread, I am quite confident in my original plan of shooting the hell out of it to know what I can do before making any changes. I have a Lakefield .22LR that will be getting a ton of use to work on my mechanics.

    Great thread for a new guy.

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    Great thread!
    My view, everyone is correct. Not trying to sit on the fence here. Because everything mentioned can contribute to accuracy (to a greater or lesser degree). Some people prefer to tackle elements A, B and C for example. While another may opt for elements C, D, E because they hate element A - reloading for example, and also has more funds available.
    I bought a 700 SPS Varmint in 308 early 2015, and had very little experience with 308's. 3 biggest things that made a diference for me..
    1) practice - dry firing included - on high magnification to exagerate isues with movement, flinches, trigger pull etc.
    2) Glass - some decent repeatable tracking optics on a solid base. I found Sightron good value for money.
    3) Reloading - Im still amazed at the difference between, for example, PPU 147gn factory ammo, and reloaded SMK155 on fired brass. Maybe my gun is fussy but I can easily see a 1/2MOA improvement every time I re-run the 2 cartridges side by side using 5 shot groups . Even tried batches with same SMK loads on fired and unfired brass, unfired brass consistently 1/4MOA worse. Reloading saved me money and improved accuracy. Probably better to start here IMHO. Allows more of item 1. and more smiles

    Gun is standard. I also go back and train with a spring air rifle sometimes when I feel my form is getting lazy. It's a bitch to shoot well without a good repeatable hold, trigger pull etc.

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    Increase your shooting accuracy by following some rule. You have to understood where your bullet will fall. I can give you step by step guideline here or Url where you get all kind of informative article on rifle scope with beautiful infographics.

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    Very cool.
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    Before posting to this thread, the second post on page 1 should be read thoroughly...THAT is the reason this thread was sticky'd. David...reloading is important, but please read post #2...also, please make your way to our introductions section and be sure to also read the sticky's in that portion of the forum.
    "Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding."
    - Proverbs 17:28, KJV

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    Great thread and the second one I read since signing up, 59 years old and still learning.

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