Remington 700 Bolt jam??????

Remington 700 Bolt jam??????

This is a discussion on Remington 700 Bolt jam?????? within the Rifles forums, part of the Sniping Related category; Hey guys I am new to the forums and today I went to the range to fire my new Remington 700 SPS Tactical (.308) So ...

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    Remington 700 Bolt jam??????

    Hey guys I am new to the forums and today I went to the range to fire my new Remington 700 SPS Tactical (.308)
    So I pull the bolt back, load the round and push it forward. Bam fires great first time but when I went to eject the shell the bolt was stuck, it would rotate but not come back and with a few hard taps it came back and ejected the shell eventually. The rifle did this for all 20 rounds we fired.
    Sometime in the middle we loaded 3 into the magazine and cycled them all through without shooting them and without any problems getting the bolt back. It is only after trying to eject a spent shell that the bolt will not come back... Any Suggestions?
    PS - I am firing factory rounds (Federal Gold Medal Match 168 grain)

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    Did you check the chamber for any obstructions?
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    I got my gun today. Went to the range. You guys weren't kidding. Even off a rest it seemed to be touching the barrel. What an utter piece of s*** that Hogue stock is.

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    I would clean everything very well, buy another box from another lot and try again. If it keeps doing it I would send it to be fixed.

    Sticking is typically a sign of over pressure. What do the primers on the spent brass look like?
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    It's probably chamber problems. Have a look at the fired cases, look for rings, bright spots or bulges. The cases expand to the chamber and then get stuck if there's pits, groves or other anomalies. See if the fired cases will re chamber? Hopefully the chamber only needs a polish out with oiled wire wool on a drill. Anything more and it may need to go back to the dealer/gunsmith to have the chamber re cut and head spaced. I once had a cz 222 with pitting in the chamber neck. It shot well but needed the cases knocked out with a cleaning rod.

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    Send it to Remington for warranty work (you said it was new). Something askew with the chamber.
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    Did you clean the rifle well before you shot it?

    Being as it's an SPS-Tactical I am assuming that it's finished with Remington's Black Oxide finish. The SPS-Tac. I bought earlier this year had a lot of this finish both inside the muzzle, but inside the chamber as well. I took a 50 cal bore mop, covered it with J-B Bore Bright, and rotated it in the chamber until it showed bare metal.

    The case is expanding when you fire it and is sticking because the chamber surface is rough from the black oxide finish. The factory rounds would cycle well before firing because they hadn't expanded to chamber size yet.

    FWIW, you should ALWAYS do a thorough cleaning of a brand new rifle before shooting the first time. You have no idea what the factory put in, or just left in, the bore. Also, crap accumulates while in transit. I've seen brand new rifles with a patch stuck in the bore, right out of the box.


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