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Which one should I go with?

This is a discussion on Which one should I go with? within the Rifles forums, part of the Sniping Related category; Originally Posted by Arkansas89 Greg, could you please start recording some of the failures you see Savage's have in your classes and posting them here ...

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Thread: Which one should I go with?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkansas89 View Post
    Greg, could you please start recording some of the failures you see Savage's have in your classes and posting them here on the forums. Thanks in advance.
    Not really a possibility, outside of me just remembering it. When a rifle goes down on the line, there are 9 other guys waiting to continue the course. So if I can't get the rifle online quickly, the shooter is pulled off the line and sent to the staging area until I can deal with it, or I swap in a loaner and get him back firing. Documenting savage failures on the line would be like documenting water turning to ice when it gets cold. The only people that don't expect it are people that haven't seen it before. They ALL say the same thing about their savages: "I don't understand!!! That's never happened before!!!!"

    So I consider that a complete waste of time to document it, even if I had the time to do it. People can either take my word for it, or not.

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    Hang on a minutes here....

    Isn't this grand-galob guy the same guy who couldn't even tell from the fake Leoupold? The one who had trouble picking from Chinese knock-off, VisionKing, and UTG? Now he's saying he never had any problems with several Savage rifles in the past? I thought he said he is just starting to get into this sport?

    How the heck in this world would he know the differences in rifles, pros and con from one brand? This is ridiculous. I really hate it when some one BS you and play around. I am not a Savage hater nor a fan. I only have a small opinion about the brand and that's it. But, at where he is now, he doesn't even get to have an opinion. Not just yet.

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    He revoked his opinion anyway when he requested his account to be deleted...he's gone
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