300 Win Mag and a Choate Stock

300 Win Mag and a Choate Stock

This is a discussion on 300 Win Mag and a Choate Stock within the Rifles forums, part of the Sniping Related category; Hello My Fello Snipers. I need to pick your brains, I have a Winchester Mdl 70 300 Mag long action. I've saved my pennys and ...

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    300 Win Mag and a Choate Stock

    Hello My Fello Snipers.
    I need to pick your brains, I have a Winchester Mdl 70 300 Mag long action. I've saved my pennys and now I can afford a good stock for Maggy. What do you all think about the Choate Varment stock for it, should I get it or keep saving and get something else? what do you think. I bought it 3yrs ago from Wal-fart for $396.00 with a synthetic stock an a cheep scope, got rid of the scope and got a BSA Platnum seires 18x44, for $85.00
    Thanks in advace for your advice
    CPL. Marion M Miceli

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    My opinion:

    Save up more pennies until you can afford a new barrel, stock, and scope.

    If you must get a new stock, look at mcmillian, hs precision, or, as you mentioned, choate.


    P.S. Why did you ditch a cheepo scope, for a different cheepo scope? Not meaning to flame, but it's got me stumped.
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    Just my opinion on this. I have a few of the Choate stocks.I like them for function on the bench, but they're a bit heavy for hunting.Unless you plan to go to a heavy barrel,I'd think about something lighter.Maybe a B&C .
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    Choate makes a good stock but it's application makes all the difference. If you plan to be shooting off hand I would suggest looking at McMillian. The choate stocks are feature packed but better for prone shooting. And I would also look at upgrading the glass.
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    I've got a Choate Ultimate Sniper on my 308 VSSF. I like it from prone or the bench but would sure hate to carry it very far. It's heavy! Good solid stock.

    Just recently got a new 700P in 300 Win Mag and am debating whether to put another Choate on it but am leaning to something else. Just a personal desire for variety more than anything else.
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    I have a couple of the Choate stocks, one is the Varminter that came with my Savage 308, and I like the stock, very nice solid stock, real good stability, though I shoot mostly from the bench. I agree carrying it around would be a job and a half.
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