How to get a proper cheek weld.

How to get a proper cheek weld.

This is a discussion on How to get a proper cheek weld. within the SOP forums, part of the Sniping Related category; I am having trouble getting my rifle to group. I think that it is my own doing and not a fault in the rifle. Oneeyedmac ...

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    How to get a proper cheek weld.

    I am having trouble getting my rifle to group. I think that it is my own doing and not a fault in the rifle. Oneeyedmac asked me how my cheek weld is and honestly I'm not sure what to tell him. So I will ask here. What are the steps taken to determine and acquire a proper cheek weld. What set up do you use to get the proper cheek weld? What IS the proper cheek weld? If I have a clear picture through my scope, how much pressure should my cheek have against the stock. How much pressure should my shoulder have against the stock and how much pressure should my trigger hand be exerting onto the grip of the rifle?

    I've never had a problem shooting my hunting rifle into a nice .5 moa or better group, but I've never shot extended sessions either. It's always been fire 3 to check the zero for hunting season.

    I didn't think I was this bad of a shooter!! :lol:

    Any advice and help will be GREATLY appreciated.

    Now a proud owner of a Larry McElroy built Savage. Stockade Stock. WoTac 4-14. 20" McGowen Bbl. Harris Bipod. Duracoated and cammied out!!!

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    I didn't realize how little attention I had paid to cheek weld until I started shooting 300WM's. The additional recoil amplifies any problems you have with your form.

    I do exactly what aixelsid said only I just close my eyes, open them and then build up under my cheek pad until my eye lines up. This is one reason we typically use the lowest rings that will fit.

    You didn't state what caliber you shoot, but part of my cheek weld involves a lot of vertical downward loading of the stock, which fights muzzle flip and recoil. Your head is heavy, use it to your advantage. So I have to take that into account when I set up my cheek pad (I use strips cut from a mouse pad to raise it).

    When I settle behind the rifle I obtain my NPA, capture the stock between my cheek, shoulder and sock. I squeeze the sock so that the crosshairs are low on the target (my current setup is about 1-2 inches at 100yds, how much will depend on your setup, just be consistent) and then with vertical pressure from my cheek I push the stock into the sock until the crosshairs align, breathe and pull the trigger (with finger at 90 deg, thumb on the tang, so it pulls the rifle straight back) with a steady squeeze. I'm pulling the rifle into my shoulder with the three other fingers of the trigger hand, but not flexing the shoulder forward at all, good solid bone contact.

    Lot's of time behind the rifle has helped perfect this for me. There are probably other techniques, but with the right loads on a good day I can hold .25moa this way.

    Good luck,

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    Everyone has good ansrews. You basically want to get your cheek weld to the point where you can shoulder your gun with your eyes closed , open them and be look perfectly down then scope, i hope that makes sense.
    Why dont you tell us more about your gun, loads , distance ?
    What was that ?


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