How do you measure your groups?

How do you measure your groups?

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    How do you measure your groups?

    When ppl say I shot .5 moa is that outside to outside or middle to middle?

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    Re: How do you measure your groups?

    I measure outside to outside and subtract the caliber I am shooting. I am interest in the devation from the center, not really how big the hole in the target is. This evens out the caliber used and means someone shooting a 50 caliber rifle can talk MOA in meaningful numbers for comparision with someone shooting a .22 caliber rifle. I have found the "on target" software to be pretty useful. I use the "freeware" version but am considering a upgrading to the paid version. Here is a link to where you can download either version.

    Here is an example of what you can do with the program.

    I just wish they made it for my iphone.

    If you are using calipers or a ruler to measure, here is an example of measuring the outside. It was shot at 100 yards with a 308. The outside measures .629". That tells me how big the hole is not how much the bullets deviated from each other. I subtract the bullet width of .308" from .629" and get .321". If you want to get really technical you would divide that number by 1.047 to convert to MOA. Now I can compart how my .308 caliber rifle is shooting compared to say my .22 caliber rifle.

    Both middle to middle or outside to outside will work so long as you are consistant. I find the outside edges a little easier to define.
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    Re: How do you measure your groups?

    Great post Shane!

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    Re: How do you measure your groups?

    They also have an android app search target calc in the market place. It's a dollar I think. Its nice cause you can use it at the range with out taking your lap top.
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