I have a new experience

I have a new experience

This is a discussion on I have a new experience within the The Academy forums, part of the Field & Tactical category; This experience is an issue. I just received a new Hart build. It’s a 26” Hart bull barrel 1/10, Rem 700 SA, Timney trigger, on ...

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    This experience is an issue. I just received a new Hart build. It’s a 26” Hart bull barrel 1/10, Rem 700 SA, Timney trigger, on an H&S fully adjustable with an Atlas. I spent all day using different loads, going back to hard fundamentals, pulling my hair out and the dang rifle keeps jumping hard right. ( I’m right hand/right eye) Sub loads, 168s 186s with a can without a can. Behind the rifle tight and straight, angled off, prone, off hand or seated the gun is all over the place. I have two others set up the exact same way in 24” and 22” with absolutely zero problems. I kicked a mag out of each one and there was no problem point being I really really don’t think it’s me.
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    Could be 1000 different things.

    I know you do not believe that you are the issue, and maybe you are not. However if you get someone else to shoot the rifle that you know can shoot consistently then you eliminate that variable.

    Other than that have you checked

    the torque for action screws?
    The torque for scope rings and base?
    Is the barrel clean?
    Is the barrel floated in the stock?

    What scope are you using? Can you try a different scope? I had this problem with a muzzle loader and problem turned out to be the Mark 4 scope was trashed.
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    You said, the other two rifles are fine and you have no issues so common sense will tell you it's the rifle and how it's set up. In the past, I've found HS stocks (is that what you meant?) to be as good as a used diaper and I quickly toss them due to the same issue mostly. My Savage 12 LRP had an HS stock from the factory and it was a decent stock, even my wife could group half moa with it but the thing went all over the place. I put it on a KRG 180 chassis and it's a different gun. The gun never really had any recoil, but the barrel would do the same, jump left or right, which was annoying because again, there was hardly any recoil. You wouldn't feel anything and the thing would jump. With the chassis it stays on target all the way out to a mile and it feels much better to shoot, more comfortable. You said the other two rifles are set up the exact same way, stock too? I've found stocks to be worthless for prone shooting, for me.


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