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ATACS or Multicam?

This is a discussion on ATACS or Multicam? within the Camouflage forums, part of the Field & Tactical category; Originally Posted by natdscott Huh? I hunt in a ghillie all the time. Works great, I know they work great, never said it didn't. But ...

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Thread: ATACS or Multicam?

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    Quote Originally Posted by natdscott View Post

    I hunt in a ghillie all the time. Works great,
    I know they work great, never said it didn't. But if you're using one on public land in season, I hope you have your will in order.

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    I don't even go to the public range due to safety concerns. Hunt in public woods dressed up like a bush? Nope. Blaze orange with a strobe on top would be my choice around here. Visit different deer camps selling beer and DVD'S and Snickers bars could be lucrative.

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    All depends on your AO. In the deep woods of the Virginia Shenandoah river valley and mountains I prefer the old school Woodland pattern for 3 seasons. Winter I prefer either my even more old school OD green or Coyote / flat dark earth is really great too. I agree that the endless number of duck/turkey/deer hunting patterns are over rated and not worth spending a ton of money on.....rather put it towards ammo. Especially in winter, the key is if you don 't want to be seen don't move much, or do it very slowly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheChad--> View Post
    Which pattern is the most concealing in a variet of environments? I'm looking into a camo pattern that will best be used in the majority of North American landscapes. Opinions??
    Well it depends on what you want to hide from. Deer? Turkey? People? (I'll ignore the obvious idea that you don't want to move when they are looking at you)

    Turkey and People you can consider the "same" i guess.

    Personally I think MARPAT is the best.

    Multicam is nice, but it has and overall greenishness softness to it. MARPAT has more browns and blacks than greens, giving a more brownish look than greenish, and the dark black with sharp lines adds the contrast you need in a cammo pattern.

    I do hunt in vegetation in the spring time, but my main hunt is for deer in dead winter woods where the greenishness would be out of place.

    As for Deer:
    ...they see blue like we see blaze orange, they also see UV light. They see reds as greys. So it would be a good idea when hunting deer to incorporate red into your cammo. Other than your blaze orange gear, it will add visibility to other hunters. Also, if you never wash them in regular detergent they won't reflect more UV light.

    I still wear MARPAT but lateley I've been thinking of something like this would be ideal for deer season:

    or this:

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    I like the or this.
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    A lot of good advice in here. I'll say that as a gear manufacturer the most versatile is still Multicam. It's still the best optically tuned camo for the widest variety. But it's not the best for every AO. If you're operating in dark arboreal forests like Canadian BC, CADPAT is your first choice with woodland second. But not very many people can get their hands on CADPAT. So most people would be better off with MARPAT or woodland.

    ATACS and Kryptek are specific camos to specific areas. If you're in the desert go with ATACS-AU or Kryptek Nomad. If you're in the mixed green forests go with ATACS-FG or Kryptek Highlander.

    Several people touched on the fact that animals see much higher into the ultra violet spectrum them humans. For this very reason, I use ATSKO Sports Wash for all of my camo. If you've been using regular detergents with UV brightness you may need their UV Killer spray to treat your camo first.

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    I didn't start seeing deer until I went camo head to toe. About 40 years ago, I did an un-scientific test at Fort Jackson SC. While hunting there I started with little camo and bit by bit added more. Camo gloves, head covering etc. Since I hunt if a variety of temps, I've got several camo patterns that coincide with the colors that I hunt in.

    I've got a white Real Tree pattern for when I hunt in snow. The second is a Mossy Oak pattern that mimics the forest at the beginning of fall. There is a bit of green mixed in with mostly tree bark and brown leaves.

    Another that has worked is the fall camo pattern that has mostly brown leaves and tree bark in the patter with very little if any green in the patter.

    My one go to which seems to be the best for me is a leafy screen bug suit that has a head cover and is a variety of brown a beige color leaves mimicking forest floor. I got the bug suit 3XL so I could put it over any of my other hunting cloths. I wore this get-up when hunting bear in Magnetawan, Ont back in 2006. I was hunting in a tree stand and was covered head to toe with bug screen camo with my rifle setting on a bar in front of me and a sparrow landed on the front sight of my rifle. Well Tweetie bird sat there for what appeared to be an eternity... probably 2-3 minutes during which time I was totally fixated on the little feathered critter trying not to move and spook it.

    That year I could have taken my second bear but I messed up simply because I didn't adequately clear dead branches from around the area around my tree stand. A pumpkin head walked out of the brush about 30 yards in front of my tree stand and moved my foot to get a better angle on the shot. Well my Gortex boot brushed against a dead branch which made a sound like a zipper opening. That nice pelt did the boot scoot boogie out of my area in a hurry. Needless to say that clearing the stand area became a serious priority in subsequent years.

    As was mention before movement, scent and sound are things to be minimized at all costs. But blending in with good camo does help a good deal. That bug suit with the screen leaves on it has been my go to for a number of years now and I may do a Ghilli to replace it as the bug suit is getting old and torn up from dragging deer out of the woods . I'll have to figure out how to put one together. One way to blend in a eliminate movement and to some degree scent if you want to still hunt is to use a ground blind. I've used a dog house the last few years and it has been pretty nice when the rain, sleet or snow has been coming down, I've been protected and obscured from game.

    I agree with the comment about not washing your hunting clothes in regular laundry detergent. In fact when I wash my hunting clothes, shirts, pants, coveralls etc, I run two loads empty with the non-whitening laundry detergent to get rid of the buildup of whitening residue in the washing machine. If I recall correctly I believe the instructions recommend doing one empty load, I've done two to avoid the whiteners on my hunting clothes. Pretty sure I got the non-whitening laundry liquid at BP.

    just my.02
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