ATACS or Multicam?

ATACS or Multicam?

This is a discussion on ATACS or Multicam? within the Camouflage forums, part of the Field & Tactical category; Which pattern is the most concealing in a variet of environments? I'm looking into a camo pattern that will best be used in the majority ...

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Thread: ATACS or Multicam?

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    Question ATACS or Multicam?

    Which pattern is the most concealing in a variet of environments? I'm looking into a camo pattern that will best be used in the majority of North American landscapes. Opinions??
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    ATAC FG is the latest and greatest. It's expensive like Multicam... but more concealing imo.

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    Despite what camouflage makers would like you to believe, concealment from animals and from people are two very things. And most hunting camouflage is hype. A plaid shirt breaks up your outline as good as anything, as hunters in the north east have known for years.
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    Movements and sound are what alert animals usually.
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    Have you considered a ghillie?

    If you've not, then now may be the time. Building one is a serious undertaking, but mine has been extremely rewarding and return on investment has been very good.

    Oh, and people can't see them any better than a deer, so that solves that little problem.

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    +1 for the ghille. I bought some Tru-Spec Multicam clothing for hunting this year, and I had my new pair of Danners literally come in today, which are ATACS. Both of them blend very well with WV terrain its actually hard for me to decide which is better for my type of terrain
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    I like the look of both, but don't think either of them are really ideal for all types of terrain. Mind you, I haven't seen any other patterns that fit the bill 100% either.

    One thing you may want to consider is how widespread multicam use is, because of this there are many manufacturers making a wide variety of garments, whereas you will be somewhat more limited in choice if you choose ATACS. Another plus for multicam is the availability of cheap and hard wearing military surplus.
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    Well worn OD's and a good ghilli along with over whites for winter. Natick labs handles all the testing on uniform patterns etc and I remember seeing the results of a long study where OD's did as well as anything else with the old woodlands right there too. MARPAT is good and that is what our team snipers were using but we just go OD now like the rest of the team and it works just fine. As stated above it is not about the uniform that gets you busted it is: movement, outline, shine and noise. I have chased suspects into wooded areas 100 times and every time we find a hider it is from one of the above and not what they are wearing.

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    That ATACS is new to me, but here are my thoughts.

    I was in the Corps 1982-88 when Woodlands were relatively new. I wore the ERDL because it was "old salt",and I felt it was a better pattern than the Woodlands. But before long I was no longer allowed to wear them as the ERDLs were completely phased out.

    I remember thinking that the "ultimate" camouflage would be made up of small dots that matched the near environment, like leaves, but also that those dots would also have density patterns that would appear to be larger "blotches" at distance to break up the outline.

    When I first saw MARPAT, I thought, "FINALLY!" I loved it and still do. It's just like what I had envisioned, except for three key points:
    1) I felt a very deep brown would look more natural than black.
    2) I wasn't too keen on the shapes being unnaturally rectangular.
    3) I didn't like that there was an "orientation" to the pattern.

    Now that I have seen the ATACS, again I say, "FINALLY!!!", but even more emphatically!
    It is the same in principle as the MARPAT, but addresses the very concerns I had about it. I think it is the best camouflage I have seen yet, and I can't think of any way to improve upon it. The only problem I see would be if the colors and brightnesses were wrong for the given area. But that applies to any pattern. I think I'll have to buy a set and try them out. Hopefully the line will expand to cover all other common field gear.

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    To date, multicam is the most versatile pattern that I've seen. I've been using it for the last 2 years in one capacity or another, and fellow hunters always comment on how "invisible" I am. As mentioned in this thread, if you can hide from a human, you can EASILY hide from an animal. Take a look at this picture:

    Kryptek highlander top, but I find it too dark, as is the case with nearly every camo on the market... they are too dark. Kryptek nomad is pretty good stuff, but highlander is too dark for most areas. Look at the contrast compared to those multicam pants. Imagine if the picture was from 50yds away. Numerous people have seen me walking around with that exact setup on, and they all say that my legs are near invisible. When I stop, it looks like a suspended torso. So, my vote goes for multicam, but I leave the door open for other contenders. That atacs fg looks ok, but it doesn't have the small dots of high contrast white to break it up a bit at distance. I bet it will wash together at range, and result in an outline.
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