Hi guys; 1st post here. I'm looking to camo my AR15 and AR10 and have been watching a crap load of videos on YT. Unfortunately, with a couple exceptions I've not seen anyone put their weapon out in the field to demonstrate how well their camo pattern actually works. I think some are too dark with lack of contrasting colors and while they might look OK from 5 feet away, once they are off in the distance I can imagine the lack of contrast will be imperceptible and the rifle outline will end up being visible thus negating the camo attempt.

With a contrasting camo application using flat-finish paints. I can understand why flat-finish might be preferable versus a glossy finish, but not all natural vegetation in
"flat". Looking at leaves of various plants in my area (S FL), some are quite reflective of sunlight and will glimmer. Given that situation, has anyone used small amounts of satin or semi-gloss pain in their camo schemes?


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