Camo Pattern & Color Idea...Thoughts?

Camo Pattern & Color Idea...Thoughts?

This is a discussion on Camo Pattern & Color Idea...Thoughts? within the Camouflage forums, part of the Field & Tactical category; So Iím almost done building my new bolt gun and Iíve been working on some DIY camo patterns and colors. Thanks to iPad and pencil, ...

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Thread: Camo Pattern & Color Idea...Thoughts?

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    Camo Pattern & Color Idea...Thoughts?

    So Iím almost done building my new bolt gun and Iíve been working on some DIY camo patterns and colors. Thanks to iPad and pencil, I have made several sketch ideas. So I sketched out what I expect my build to end up looking like. Then I put on my pattern and colors. I know it might not be exactly what you would want or do but here is my train of thought.... I feel that multicam is a good multi environment pattern/color scheme. I want to have a wide range of environmental options, however I do understand my rifle wonít just vanish into the background, but I would like a good blending so to speak, without having to attach any material to the rifle. Iím located in east Texas so we have a lot of woodland environment around here, so I donít expect it to be absolutely perfect for the desert or Alaskan winters. With that said I tried to make a pattern & color scheme that would help mask the high and low areas of the rifle, the sides receiving more light as well as no light, and help break up edges & outlines. I tried to work a little with some accents to possible create some depth for some portions of the rifle.

    A quick bit about the colors. As stated above I feel the multicam/OCP works good. So I wanted to use the coloration, but with the shades of each color I would have had a lot of colors/shades. I wanted to try to keep it to 5-6 key colors/shades. Then a tiny bit of accent coloration. So my base coat/color will be a light tan cerakote. The remaining colors will be airbrushed over the cerakote and will not be cerakote. Reason for this is because if I need or want to change the pattern and or colors, I can wipe off with some elbow grease and spit, and still have a hardy base coat that I can pretty much do anything with.

    So thatís my plan but Iíd like to hear yallís thoughts, possibly even something that might make it even better. Again, I know this wonít be for everyone but I donít plan on keeping this rifle on a wall as display. She will be taken out on the town and might even get a bit dirty at times, depending on how much she drinks haha. I will post two screenshots of my sketches below. One with a white background and one with a black background. As soon as I sell one of my rifle setups, Iíll have the cash to finish her off and will start the painting process. Canít wait....but have to haha. HAPPY 4th!!
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    Well, it looks good...but with all those colors it adds a lot of work to do the pattern. If you have the time and effort that will be needed to pull it off, then run with it. I tend to go simple and basic and even prefer to go 3D by using burlap or other means of wrapping over a single base color like FDE. But thats just me...



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