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Ammo opinions for the Steyr Scout

This is a discussion on Ammo opinions for the Steyr Scout within the Cartridges & Calibers forums, part of the Sniping Related category; Originally Posted by madgunsmith I am not trying to "flame" anyone. Hardcorps deserves our respect as he has not only served the country but also ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by madgunsmith
    I am not trying to "flame" anyone. Hardcorps deserves our respect as he has not only served the country but also gone to the trouble and expense of buying a very serious rifle.

    That said, it always baffles me how guys will spend thousands on a rifle and then try to save a few pennies by shooting cheap surplus ammo.

    If you spend less than $200 on some very basic handloading equipment, I guarantee that you will be able to handload ammo that will exceed one minute of angle. It will be so easy that you will kick yourself.

    If you send me a pm, I will give you a list of everything you need. I will give you part numbers, and I will tell you where to buy everything.

    Handloading is the way to shoot a lot and with quality ammo. I could never afford to buy factory what I shoot all the time.

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    I heard from Hardcorps and I sent him a list of items complete with part numbers.

    It turns out that a basic reloading kit for .308 ammo, would cost $223.63.

    I couldn't quite reach the $200 mark. ( Inflation, you know)


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    Quote Originally Posted by HardCorps
    Wow, this lifestyle is definite becoming expensive quickly.
    Hehe! Guess we'd better not tell him about the $1300 spotting scope or $700 laser range finder yet!

    Seriously though, I live on my monthly disability check and still have a lot of fun and to tell the truth it's an interesting challenge to see just how much you can do for your money.


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    And we've got more options than ever before!

    More great bullets, better glass, new rifles...

    I am dyslexia of Borg, futility is resistant, your &#* will be laminated.

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    I use Federal GMM 168gr in mine. I've tried other loads, but this is the one that works best in my Steyrs, or any of my .308s for that matter. The downside to GMM is that it has been a little harder to find lately, and has jumped some in price. If you find some in stock at a decent price, buy all you can afford. The Federal Premium 165gr BTSP shoots almost as well and, in my rifles at least, to the same point of's cheaper and easier to get right now too. I recently tried a box of the Winchester Supreme 168gr ballistic tip, and it is looking promising as well. I also like the moly coating on the Winchester, but more research is needed before I can give a full opinon on it.


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