6mm Creedmoor or 5.56

6mm Creedmoor or 5.56

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    6mm Creedmoor or 5.56

    So I’m buying another rifle, most likely a RPR. But I’m torn on which round to go with. So I have come to seek your advice.

    So here is my situation. I have 1 private club about 80 mins away that you can shoot out to 1000 yards. I was a member but new job put me in a position I could not be active there. Everything else near me is 200 yards or less. Job is settling down and I would like to shoot in southern part of the state in a few competitions out to 1200 yards some day (300/500/600 to start) but still learning about long range basics right now.

    RPR in 5.56 has a 1/7 twist so it can handle the heavy 90 gr Berger’s. Based on the info I’ve found online it should be good to 1000. Obviously 6mm creedmoor can hit that and a bit more. So ammo (I am reloading but still needs others help when I do) costs seems to be the big difference between the two in my situation.

    Will a experienced shooter need 40 rounds of 90 gr 5.56 to hit 18 times on a 1000 yard target (or 700 for that matter) opposed to say 18 out of 20 with the 6mm creedmoor? That would mean just go with the 6mm creedmoor in my book. I’m ok in the beginning missing a lot due to inexperience, but if it takes a prayer for someone with a clue to hit the target 50% of the time with the smaller round I will go with the bigger.

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    Maybe this article might help you decide:

    Rifle Caliber - What The Pros Use - PrecisionRifleBlog.com

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    After years of 5.56/223 I decided on a 6.5 CM the best decision I have made in a long time.I went with a Ruger American hunter 6.5 CM. I have other Rutgers never let me down and the savage just don’t feel as good to me.C600B5E1-08CD-4FE0-B4E3-3B6DA27A352C.jpeg Out of the box with a Vortex Crossfire II mounted it was Bullseyes at 100yards.Very smooth shooter is the 6.5CM. Hope this helps.the off target shots was my error.

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    Go the Creedmoor if you're going out to those ranges - I wouldn't touch 556 for anything beyond ~500m.

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    There’s plenty of evidence that a 77 Gr BTHP from a 223 Remington will reach a 1000 yards. One of the pro’s of it the costs of running it, the brass is great supply, (Military & Commercial). Then their’s the 77 Gr TMK and the 80, 90, 95 Gr Matchkings. So from a 26 inch barreled Bolt action rifle a 1000 yards can still be reached, with less recoil.


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