I have a Fred Sinclair 6x250 with a 270 neck sitting on a Sako L579 receiver. I have learned how to create the shells from Nora brass thinning the neck to fit the 270 neck. To my understanding there are a few of these exact riffles that were made in the 70s by Fred Sinclair & his apprinteses. Ive been told that one of Mr. Sinclairs apprinteses to this day still does long range competition with this exact same riffle. I'm looking for bullet and powder loads for the best accuracy. I believe my Barrel is an 11 & 1 twist. I know that's odd but doing the tape on a gun cleaning Rod that is what I ended up with. Would appreciate someone's help to be able to create really good varmint and possibly deer bullets or long distance shooting bullets for this riffle. Thank you for any or help!