Reloading newbie

Reloading newbie

This is a discussion on Reloading newbie within the Cartridges & Calibers forums, part of the Sniping Related category; Hi,Iím looking for some help on which reloading setup I should get for 6.5 creedmoor.I have never reloaded.I am looking to for now load one ...

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Thread: Reloading newbie

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    Reloading newbie

    Hi,Iím looking for some help on which reloading setup I should get for 6.5 creedmoor.I have never reloaded.I am looking to for now load one bullet at a time until I learn I donít care about how long it takes or how many I can make I just want to I would appreciate any suggestions on what setup I should get.Im not looking to be a ammo factory just one bullet at a time. Thank you

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    Hmmmm??? Just how far do you want to go down this rabbit hole?

    First, I think you need to determine just what kind of shooting you intend to do so that you have a decent idea for the level of precision you want to load to. The more precision you want, the more the cost, and . . . the faster you want to do it the more the cost. While one can go cheap to start out, do so simply adds to the cost as you go down the road fine tuning your procedures to get the results you might have in mind. And, things change over time, like any specific goals for reloading.

    Here's some info about reloading you might find of some interest: Developing An Accurate Load

    Having a good press and dies, like with any set of tools, will give good results and last a very long time. Getting a press like the Forster Co-Ax would be a very good purchase, though pricey and bit hard to come by due to its popularity. But there are other good press around and you might like to take a look t this comparison to get an idea of what you might like:

    There are two particular tools for reloading that I feel is well worth having to start off with, though a little pricey, they do a fast and accurate job for your reloading. You'll want to deburr your brass' flash hole, which can surely be done with a hand tool that doesn't cost much, but going with the the likes of the 20th Century deburring tool, you'll get a great job done fast. Also, a great time saver, being fast and accurate, this Giraud Tri-Way Trimmer I'd highly recommend to any reloader.

    Well, I hope this at least give you some ideas.

    PS: You'll want to uniform your primer pockets and I use the RCBS Primer Pocket Uniformer to not only do the initial uniforming, but I use it after every firing to clean the pockets.

    Some tools that I use:

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    This is the list of equipment i currently have
    Press: RCBS Rock Chucker Supreme
    Tumbler: Dillon CV-750 and small media separator (corn cobb media and Dillon brass polish)
    Dies: Redding Series "A" Full Length sizing die and bullet seater.
    Primer seater: RCBS built into press
    Trimmer: Hornady bench mount with RCBS 3 way cutter
    Powder Measure: RCBS Chargemaster 1500
    Calipers: Mitutoyo 500-196-30
    Comparator: Hornady bullet comparator

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    Gunguy308 and straightshooter1 have some great advice!
    I shoot Creedmoor 6.5 and Grendel 6.5. When i started out shooting 40+ years ago, the technology wasn't really out there. Technology is there now, take advantage of it.
    Some of my equipment:
    I will state first of all, I remember when I use to polish the bullet tips with crocus cloth to get all of the high spots removed. And my Sniper Rifle in the Military was a good old Remington Model 70, and 300.

    Dillon 550 (Modded with many new features with this progressive loaded) Mainly used for 5.56mm M4, and 308 FN/FAL Para Model, and all of my Pistols (too many to list)
    For precision shooting: RCBS Rock Crusher, Hornady Lock-n-Load, and a Forester Axial Press. Mainly for the Creedmoor and the Grendel, but also, I have a Rem/Age Rifle with swap-able barrels
    1) 6.5 Creedmoor
    2) .308
    3) Lapua 6.5 x 47
    4) 300 Win Mag
    Barrels are $350.00 and using the Zermatt Arms - Big Horn Receiver makes for swapping barrels a 20 minute task.
    Where I found a fun part of this Hobby is playing with powder variants to tighten the shots.
    When it comes to primers, there is no one like Darrell Holland. he carries a primer seater that is the best thing for precision shooting. Just that, help me tighten my MOA worth
    the cost, and this tool is not expensive. If you call him, tell him Angelo says Hi!
    Redding, RCBS, and Forrester are the best dies for the $$$
    As I have been a Mechanic and Machinist for 40 years, micrometers are your best friends.
    My Metlap Bullet Tipper and Trimmer add to the tools I use for Precision shooting.
    As I have always been a "Tool Junkie", I am with getting the most out of each round.
    Plan to spent HOURS and HOURS honing this skill. It is worthwhile!
    Awesome site here!
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    I started with:
    Lee hand loader
    Lee premium dies
    RCBS priming tool
    RCBS Bar scale
    Wilson Sinclair case trimmer
    RCBS demurring tool.

    There have been upgrades..

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    If you are into getting accuracy, look into Primer Depth.
    I have been using the Holland Primer Seater. This gives me the opportunity to seat the primers at various depth to help tighten the shots.

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    Primer seating depth is important. I use the CPS for seating primers. It is very quick and precise and can easily be adjusted for seating depth. It is easily one of my favorite reloading tools as it takes a laborious task and makes it quick and easy.
    Desert Tech SRS A1 with TS Customs 308 win, 22 CM, and 7 LRM barrels
    Primal Rights 40x .22LR Repeater
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