Ive got a brand new set of TPS TSR "w" series rings that I ordered accidentally and never returned. These are the alloy steel model

Ive been using these in 30mm on my primary rifle for over a year and have no complaints.

The TSR™ "W" Series Rings utilize the same unique design as our standard TSR™ rings, which allows the user to fully tighten the left side of the ring, uniquely allowing the user to precisely rotate the scope to adjust the scope reticle for proper position, then tighten the right side of the rings, guaranteeing that the scope will not rotate within the rings, which is virtually impossible in any other design.

Both base and cap of each scope ring is within 2/10,000 of an inch cylindrical roundness, guaranteeing as much as 98% scope tube to ring contact, compared to 40% on normal rings. The necessity of serializing and lapping scope rings are now obsolete.

The TSR™ tactical scope rings are manufactured from a solid billet. Available in 7075-T651 aluminum, 1215 alloy steel or 416 Stainless Steel. The rings and components are manufactured using state-of-the-art Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines. Each and every part is processed and inspected to ISO 9002 quality standards throughout the manufacturing process.

The cross-bolt and tightening nut are from alloy steel for the aluminum and steel rings, finished with black oxide to Mil-C-13924 standards. The cross-bolt and hex nut are 304 stainless in stainless models. The ring body and cap are finished in a matte black hard anodize to Type III per Mil-A-8625 standards in the aluminum rings. In the steel rings, they are finished with black oxide to Mil-C-13924 standards. The stainless steel rings are bead blasted to a matte finish. The ring caps are securely fastened to the ring base with (4) four Torx® screws.

Fully compatible with the following scope base manufactures:

Weaver® and Weaver-Style Scope Bases
Tactical Precision Systems, Inc. (XP Scope Bases)
Badger Ordnance (Maximized Scope Bases)
Farrell (Farrell Industries, Inc.) Scope Bases
PGWDTI (PGW Defence Technologies, Inc.)
Near Manufacturing, Inc.
NightForce Scope Bases
GG&G Scope Bases
IOR HD Tactical Scope Bases
A.R.M.S. Mounts

Info about the rings (specs etc)

They are $75 new

Ill take $50 for them with free shipping

easiest to contact me by email (wwohl602 @ gmail dot com)