I'm looking for an optics trade. I need a reflex style red dot sight to mount as backup to my main scope.

For that I will trade you BOTH of these items:

I have a mounted but unfired Walther red dot unit as seen here:

http://www.amazon.com/Walther-Point-Bri ... er+red+dot

I also have a mounted but unfired NC Star scout long eye relief scope as seen here:

http://www.amazon.com/NcStar-2X20-Pisto ... cout+scope

I can include rings for both.

The walther is too big to use as a second sight. Although it makes a great main optic. I have no use for the NC Star piece.

I'll accept any reasonable trade... except for a*irsoft, plastic, or clones. I won't trade for a piece with a dot larger than 4 MOA.

Both scopes I offer are fully metal with no plastic anywhere. The walther piece is quality, and the NC Star piece is sound with good clarity and an excellent reticle.