Need to let go

RPA quadlite tuned .308 SA repeater
Satern 5r 1-10.5 twist muzzle to action 24"
Benchmark brake
Accurate mag advanced solid chassi
RPA two stage trigger
AI mags
around 400 rds
likes varget 44.2 .020 jump 175 gr SMK


Check out Rex review on Range Master Precision Arms sniper system .
RPA is hard to find these days because no importers , but with an action in hand all other parts can be ordered from John at
HPS target rifles in England very helpfull and quick to send what ever is needed .
Quadlite repeaters need to have back side of 7 o'clock positioned locking lug polished in order to feed smoothly . Then your good to go . Very reliable and super accurate .
Photos on benchrest target show 8 shoot group 200 yrds two fliers,
wind is difficult there all same load 44.2 Varget jump .020 175 smk