getting cosmoline out of a mauser wood stock

getting cosmoline out of a mauser wood stock

This is a discussion on getting cosmoline out of a mauser wood stock within the DIY forums, part of the Sniping Related category; Hi guys, picked up my latest toy last week I got a mid 1950's Mauser M48A in 8mm It of course is soaked in cosmoline. ...

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    getting cosmoline out of a mauser wood stock

    Hi guys, picked up my latest toy last week

    I got a mid 1950's Mauser M48A in 8mm

    It of course is soaked in cosmoline. I the the metal parts clean, but its soaked into the wood

    Wondering if anybody here has a good trick they use to get it out?

    My buddy is lending me his heat gun, ive read that if i can get it to around 120 degrees....the cosmoline will turn to a liquid and drip off

    any other techniques that you have had work for you?

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    It's the wrong time of year but you simply put the stock in a black plastic bag and let it sit in the sun all day. It just sweats out all the goo.

    If you have the heat gun try throwing a damp towel over the wood and steam it out.
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    Dishwasher bro.

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    If you need any once fired brass for that I have a around a 150 8mm Mauser brass that I been
    wonder what to do with. 1/3 of them military and aprox 2/3 civilian.

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    I have put my sks stock in the oven at 200* for about 30mins. Keep it on the top rack and put tin foil on the bottom. After it's cooled wipe it off with acetone, lacquer thinner,or alcohol on a rag then try again until it doesn't sweat the cosmoline anymore.
    You can try at a lower temp as well

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    And none of the above will ever make it hold more than an oil finish...just remember that and adjust your expectations.

    Dishwasher works well on the wood...AFTER you got off everything you could by heat and wiping.

    Diesel works well on the metal, and it's cheap.

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    He didn't say he wanted to do anything other than get the cosmoline out anyways.
    My SKS took stain well and a nice lacquer finish. I did sand to get it smooth though
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    I'm not sure if it was the best way but i bought a $30 hand held steam cleaner.
    I put the rifle on a table covered with towels. and went through a 1/4 roll of paper towels getting the big stuff off.
    removed wood from rifle
    hung metal and steam cleaned everything from the top down.
    once i repeated the process of steamming and wiping 10 times or so
    I cleaned it as if it were a gun coming back from the range lubed it up and metal was good.
    The stock was a bit rough so i cleaned it sanded it and stained it.

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    You could send it to one of those places that does furniture stripping using the vapor process. They hand the pieces in a large enclosure and it's then heated with hot solvent vapors. The solvent "condenses" on the wood and flushes the paint, oils, and other crud, off. When you get the wood out of his process it looks almost like it did when it was originally "machined". You can then apply just about any finish you want from Tru-Oil to Urethane, even paint.

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    When you run it through the dish washer don't let go through the "DRY" cycle, just stand it in a corner for a few days. Most mil wood stocks were oil finished and after this cleaning, an oil finish works well.


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