It's come to light as of late that a Feedback Forum is well-warranted here, similar to other shooting forums where a Classifieds section is present. So we drafted something up to use here that's to our own liking. This is the first post of our Feedback Forum, and all subsequent feedback should be posted IN THIS FORUM, using the format that is provided in this post. Here's the template (copy it EXACTLY when you post feedback for someone, as it is meant to make the feedback easily search-able)

Quote Originally Posted by Example feedback
User-name: navyrigger46
Buyer/Seller: Seller
Grade: A+
Link to sale thread:
Comments: Smooth transaction, item arrived as described, prompt delivery and frequent communication throughout. Would deal with again, A+++
1. You MUST use this exact format, if you want your feedback to remain posted. I don't want small changes to gradually occur from page to page, so ALWAYS copy from the original post and not from the post prior to yours.

2. The subject line for your post should contain the user you are leaving feedback for, and feedback. Example, "navyrigger46 feedback" this way people know who the feedback is for when they see the thread in the forum without having to open the thread.

3. The "Grade:" field shall be filled ONLY with A,B,C,D,F as you see fit, and may be paired with a single + or -, further +'s or -'s may be added in the "Comments" area.

4. The "Comments:" field may contain anything pertinent to the sale, CoC is still strictly enforced here, so no flaming. Post the facts, people will understand.

5. Be precise, if you want anyone to be able to find your feedback, you need to be absolutely sure to post user name's and the like exactly as they should be.

6. Fill out the format completely, if you have no link to a thread where the sale was established, just throw up a N/A. If there is a thread for the sale, it needs to be linked, regardless of the information contained there.

7. SC FEEDBACK ONLY: The only transactions valid in this Feedback area are those which were initiated through this website and forum. If someone on the forum performs a service for you, that's valid too. We recently were notified of a sale gone bad by one of our forum members who was selling/buying on a different site, that's not valid information here and it shall not be mentioned in this thread. We are not concerned with transactions that happened on forums other than SC.

Search by user-name paired with any combination of the standard fields used in the format, as they should be present in every Feedback post here. For example, you could search: "navyrigger46 AND Grade:*" to find my example post in this post.

Please PM me or another mod with any questions on this policy or Feedback Forum and we'll help you out ASAP. Please use this for every transaction you can, as it will help establish a solid base for the reputations of anyone buying or selling here.

Thanks everyone, hope you like it,