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Thread: Tactics/gear?

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    You should know that while the name of the forum is Sniper Central, most people here are mainly long range shooters. Those who do carry a gun as part of their job tend to keep that aspect of things out of the discussion. So, if that's what you are looking to discuss, you may not find an audience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunfighter14e2 View Post
    (1) What range is you first rd comfort zone?
    (2) Do you prefer to work close over far?
    (3) Are you a shoot an scoot, or wait and see, kind of guy?
    (4) For a do it all weapon what is your, barrel length, Caliber an Scope power of choice?
    (5) Do use a can most of the time?
    1) Depends what I'm carrying and how big the target is. No way to answer without qualifiers.
    2) I like a mix of both. Too far, and adverse conditions present a challenge. Too close, and my quarry won't let me get away with movement. To put it in perspective, I'd rather shoot a deer at 500-600yds than 100yds... but things start to get tricky as you approach 1000yds in south dakota on certain days.
    3) Wait and see, since I'm in no danger. If pressed into a 2-way range type situation where there is danger... there is no correct answer to this question without a lot more qualifiers. Situation denotes action, not internet discussion. I've played these games out in training many times. Never put them into service, and hope to never need to. Shooting when someone isn't shooting back is a much more desirable situation, regardless of what modern internet forum discussion would have people believe.
    4) Without qualifiers? DTA SRS-A1 with 30" 7LRM barrel, DTSS suppressor, and TT525P optic. Anything sucking air in North America inside of 1000yds any day of the year is in deep kimchi if I'm laying behind that.
    5) Yes. I HATE shooting unsuppressed and rarely do it.

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    Answer "D" all of the above.

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