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    We need to get Mel a Paypal account for this site so the renewals are easier ..
    What could we call it to get around the PayPal anti gun Nazi's?

    Snipe "Site for the preservation of Snipes" ? :lol:

    Trigger control " Controlling your Horse named trigger"

    gotta come up with something ...

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    I actually do have a paypal account

    [email protected]

    if anyone wants to make a donation.... :wink:

    I do not use it as much as possible because I do not like giving them anyone's money. I had an extremely bad experience with them. It would have been fine if they simply blocked the transaction (this was before I knew they were so anti-gun) and said I violated policy, which I did ( unbeknown to me, but I did and that is fine and they were right to block the transaction as it was a violation of their policy). BUT, they literally tried to keep the money!! They closed my account and did not refund the purchaser. I had to FIGHT to get them to give that money back to the purchaser. It was unbelievable and yes, illegal. But who wants to pay the lawyer fees? After countless number of calls (most ending up in India to contracted phone support) I was finally able to get the customer his money back.

    Because of that experience, I avoid them if at all possible.

    But, if you would like to pay for membership via paypal, you can, no problem. My conscience just prevents me from putting any sort of reference or link to them on my site.

    Oh, BTW, I am not the only one who has experience the above actions by Paypal. Just do a google search some day.


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    Re: Paypal

    If you set up an account to draw money directly from your checking account, you can "gift" money to someone without any charges.
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