Military Sniper's

Military Sniper's

This is a discussion on Military Sniper's within the Forum Requests forums, part of the & Related category; I would like to see a thread for military snipers past and present. I am a former sniper and haven't found a forum for us ...

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    Military Sniper's

    I would like to see a thread for military snipers past and present. I am a former sniper and haven't found a forum for us yet.

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    Class of 5-78 one of the last classes of the old 82nd Q Course.

    We've had similar threads before, in the past. And there are a ton of GI shooters around here ... things change over the decades. You'll start a small war with some of the modern sharpshooter brigade and division qualified guys and the more modern Banning qualified guys.

    I think I may have just dated myself. In other words I still love the M21/25 platform and our school at Bragg back then was far tougher than ... (that should be a big enough hook so I'll go pop some popcorn now)
    What you think about, you do ... what you do, you become.

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    Class 10-97 USMC.
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    Not a sniper but was Squad Designated Marksman......M-14/M1A, I did a lot of overwatch with you guys. Iraq 04-05 with 25th Infantry 1-27. Had a good opportunity to go had I not got wounded. You guys could really shoot and I learned a ton from the guys I worked with. Again, not a sniper, just a grunt with a scoped rifle.

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    Not a sniper... but I was navy expert qualified w/a score of 229(I forget how they counted the sxore but it was 118-179 for qual,180-210 for sharpshooter, and 211-230for expert) GM2 Graves got the highest with a perfect) at Yorktown naval weapons station in 2002 I was a designated marksman using an M21SWS from 02-04 then a .50 marksman 05-07 the rest of the time I was SSDF or SP. its quite a laugh actually I was an AO and I only built like 100 bombs the eight years I was in! lol I loved small arms I should have just crossed over to GM


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