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Thread: Fieldcraft?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hypo View Post
    Since I have no experience I would be all ears on that subject.
    I would ask heavy gun or light gun?
    If you have to infiltrate and might get only a single shot before you have to sneak out, why the super heavy barrel and huge scope? If you are stationed on an embassy rooftop in a counter sniper role or trying to keep insurgents from firing an RPG into your position the 15 pound rig with some extra magazines ready to go seems better suited. Where do you decide the weapon system is too heavy for the intended use? This could be a thread question?
    Your correct, it all depends on the mission.
    From my point of view (military)lite is always right. Quality F/C will get you close enough w/a 18-20" .308 to tag the target if it's a one an done mission. Over watch is somewhat different depending the A/O but, regardless the ability to arrive and Depart your FFP w/o detection is 90% of the task, and that is all Field-Craft and nothing but pure work.

    For those that don't know the past C/O of the AMU made a statement to the effect one time that he could, "Train a monkey to shoot, the rest of the task was much harder to teach. It's a thinking mans game for sure, as you may be able to turn one target in many, with different tactics. H/V targets normally not seen have been tagged, by not tagging the L/V primary target after observing said target and it's demeanor. Thinking, picking your kit, the ability to get there and back w/o leaking is the hardest part and that is what 90% of the slot is all about. Granted A/O has a lot to do with weapon of choice but ones F/C ability has to be worth it's salt from the get go.
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    kmussack, I wasn't referring to the military but ok.
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