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My California-Legal AR!

This is a discussion on My California-Legal AR! within the Gallery forums, part of the Sniping Related category; I thought California law prohibited the ABILITY to except a standard capacity magazine. This gun can take 20, 30, 40 round mags, DRUMS... The comercial ...

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    don't know California law

    I thought California law prohibited the ABILITY to except a standard capacity magazine. This gun can take 20, 30, 40 round mags, DRUMS...

    The comercial productions I've seen are fixed box and must be top loaded when broke open.

    But I don't fully understand California law and enjoy shooting standard AR's in NC.

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    We've got room in the Mitten for you if you'd like to be able to make an AR anyway you'd like. :wink:

    Ahnold won't even notice you left.

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    Haha I've pretty much built what I want, thanks for the offer though.

    My Warne Extra High Tactical rings with Sightron II 4-16x42 (Target Knobs and Mildot) arrived this morning. Thought I'd try a new optics brand. Very happy thus far.

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    If I may ask what did the AR run you?

    Im in california and thinking of building one.

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    if you can have it assembled legally out of state and transferred to an FFL that has the balls to do it, this would be the cheapest way...

    just fyi

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaliforniaCowboy
    While I do not enjoy my situation exactly, my breaking an unconstitutional law would require me to become a felon. I have no interest in being a felon, which would only result in my loss of many more of my constitutional rights.
    AMEN Brutha~! I'm in the same boat and am looking at picking up an OLL (probably a Stag Arms) and going the BB-route. I've just been holding off waiting to see if there's going to be a "test-case" in court...

    I had to gid rid of some outstanding rifles back when the roberti-roos act passed, and picked up a CA-legal FAL, only to have it get banned, and have to arrange to store it out-of-state. I'm sick of that kind of crap. :evil: Fortunately, I have a new DSA "cali-legal" FAL that I can keep at home (with the fixed 10-rounder) in the works...

    That said - I bought a single-shot "handi-rifle" today.
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    Nice rifle. Just about exactly what I'm planning for my next build. I've got 2 Stag lowers just itching for uppers. ~Marc

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    Your California legal AR sure beats my Aussie legal AR (I dont have any pics, but its a Rem 7615P with pistol grip stocks and Burris speedot XTR reddot scope)

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