New texturing project, something unique...

New texturing project, something unique...

This is a discussion on New texturing project, something unique... within the Gallery forums, part of the Sniping Related category; Well since I had not really seen too many AICS's with texturing I thought I would give it a try. So I turned my a ...

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    New texturing project, something unique...

    Well since I had not really seen too many AICS's with texturing I thought I would give it a try. So I turned my a fellow SC member who had already done such a great job on my other rifle, boone. This was also the first one he had done as well. We bounced idea off each other and ended up going with what you see here. The aics skins are a high grade abs plastic with no real grip to them but, not any more. boone went with a lighter texture than my other rifle which was great as he as well as I thought it might overpower the look a bit. He did this job in a total of two days with nothing but, flawless results. Both sides are identical and the grip area looks like it is one flowing piece, you can not see the seem at all where the texturing meets. Anyways here it is, just a update for some who saw the bare AICS, this is what it looks like now all dressed up! Oh and I painted the Bauer Arms ammo management system black with simple black fabric paint.

    Complete package

    Flash made the forend look messed up for some reason but, you can see with the next picture it is perfect.


    Grip area

    Let me know what you think.

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    Very nice. I like it!!
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    i dig it .. i think it adds a nice touch
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    It not only looks better, it is much more functional. I am really surprised they don't come that way to begin with.
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    That looks clean man... good work
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    Glad yall like it.

    It was a great project and turned out pretty darn good.

    Thanks Nick for the work and being brave enough to do it to the AICS.




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