"breaking in" your rifle

"breaking in" your rifle

This is a discussion on "breaking in" your rifle within the Misc. forums, part of the Sniping Related category; I just got a rem 700 VSF .308 and i was wondering if there is a special barrel breaking in system. Stuff like shoot, clean, ...

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    "breaking in" your rifle

    I just got a rem 700 VSF .308 and i was wondering if there is a special barrel breaking in system. Stuff like shoot, clean, shoot, clean. Any truth to this or What is the correct method?

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    Excellent question, been asked about once a month thought.

    Just a suggestion, I would use a different solvent for cleaning such as Shooter's Choice or Wipeout. For lubricant I use Firepower FP-10. There are many but its more important that you use one than which one.

    Be very careful with very strong stuff that contains ammonia such as Sweets 762.......I never touch that stuff. :!: If you keep your rifle clean and in good shape, you wont need that stuff either.

    Theres so much to say here, and I'm not even an authority.

    Keep the questions coming.

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    Ok i see the procedure, but what type of ammo should you use? lead tip? FMJ? 150-180gr?

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    I was almost fanatic about breaking in my barrel - until I read Gale McMillan's opinion on the subject. And then I heard of Jeff Hicks' opinion. Which backed up Mr McMillan's opinion, and that's when my fanatic idea died.

    In short, Mr McMillan says that the entire fad started when a friend of his who manufactured barrels came up with the idea - just so he could sell more barrels. And it obviously worked. From now on my break in procedures will be pretty much as follows, 10 rounds, cleaning, 20 rounds, cleaning...done. I do believe that was what Mr Hicks suggest to a friend of mine who bought a SPHD from him. And from my own experience with my current rifle...anything else is a complete waste of ammo, time and barrel life.

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    once again its a .308 and wondering what grain and type of bullet i should shoot out of it. thanks.

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    Cobb, my 700 is a 5R so the twist rate is different, but me and my buddy both used 168gr. SMKs (he had a 700VS). And we both had a lot of luck. Never got the opertunity to try out the 175s, but I will in the future. Here is a couple of groups, 1st out of my 5R, the second is Dan's out of his VS.

    This is my best group out of my 5R, 1 cold shot in black, 3 shot group down and left. Done w/ the 168gr. SMK

    This is Dan's group, also at 100yds, but a 5 shot group this time. Same bullet.


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