Low Cost Gun Safe Alternative

Low Cost Gun Safe Alternative

This is a discussion on Low Cost Gun Safe Alternative within the Off Topic forums, part of the Sniping Related category; As an owner of 4 gun safes, one high end, (Liberty). One middle of the road, (Cannon). And 2 low end, (Stack-On), I can happily ...

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    Low Cost Gun Safe Alternative

    As an owner of 4 gun safes, one high end, (Liberty). One middle of the road, (Cannon). And 2 low end, (Stack-On), I can happily report on an excellent, low cost alternative to what I personally feel are overpriced gun safes. When you get down to basics gun safes are going to protect your collection from kids. Insurance statistics show that 90% of residential burglaries are by kids under the age of 16, and most are in the home for less than 2 minutes. Most any suitable "safe" will protect you from that. Fire protection is relatively worthless because again, insurance stats show water damages far more homes than fire. No gun safe I've ever heard of is waterproof. In that regard every safe in New Orleans was totally worthless to it's owners.

    I just purchased one of these "On-Site" tool boxes from Greenlee.



    These are very strong and have recessed wells for 2 padlocks that cannot be reached once locked. Mine is 72" long and 24" square. I have it in my living room, and once it's covered with a nice couch throw, or bedspread you don't even notice it, or can tell what it is. Another plus is it allows for horizontal storage of weapons which prevents oil from running down the bore into the stock at the tang area. They are very spacious inside and I lined the bottom of mine with 28, 25 pound bags of lead shot, (700 pounds) so it cannot be moved. This coupled with the weight of the box itself along with the firearms makes it all but impossible to move. If you are handy and can work with wood, you can make some very nice felt lined wooden racks for your guns which allows you to store them without cases. These boxes can be purchased from Home Depot or Lowe's very reasonably compared to traditional gun safes, and work every bit as well, and will give as much or more cubic feet of storage. I'm very happy with mine.

    This is it uncovered with both locks in place. I purchased 2 Master Lock Padlocks with Boron Carbide Shackles. I plan to do more with it in time. I just got it in place this past holiday weekend. I might panel it in with some nice wood which would even further disguise it. Bill T.
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    Nice, how much?

    About a fireproof safe. It may protect your firearms from the flames but it can't protect them from the heat. Guns are heat treated and cooking one in a house fire ruins that and they can't be safely shot afterwards.

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    nice idea! I am curious about price as well....as I never thought the "stack-on" were priced too bad.
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    Very interesting idea! I was looking for a better solution for a gun safe because I can't haul a 600lb behemoth up 2 flights of stairs. I'm going to buy a zanotti safe but it won't be ready until february and I desperately need something for the interim. Thanks for the idea! Can you post some pictures of the inside with how you are storing your guns?
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    What I like is that it lets you rest the guns lying down as opposed to sitting on their recoil pads which can deform after a while.

    How about pics of the inside?
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    A big +1 on a pic of the inside.
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    Found some prices here http://cableorganizer.com/greenlee/tool ... chests.htm
    His model looks like the GL-2472 for $550
    By the way, nice collection you have there billt

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    I like your idea as well but you are gonna have to post some "after" pics showing whatever you do to "pretty it up" so I can show my wife your great idea. Ain't NO WAY she is gonna let me park a huge green tool box inside our house.... we do have a basement but I am uncomfortable with how damp it gets down there sometimes.

    I've had two roommates who had full on super heavy safes and I hated those things on moving day!

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    All that AND it looks great in the front room! My wife would love it!
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    Nice!! That's worthly of a pat-on-the-back.

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