This past week was awesome...

This past week was awesome...

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    This past week was awesome...

    Monday: Combat range...

    I even got some trigger time, by taking some officer's M4 and a couple clips (stripper clips) of ammo off the BZO table.

    Monday night was the Dropkick murphys concert... awesome.

    Tues-Thurs I got to be an insurgent and setup IEDs and stage ambushes against our company in the field

    Had a blast. Thought I'd share with some of you guys, probably some of the few who could appreciate the fun of running around in a dishdash and emplacing IEDs, all in the name of good training for the Marines of course!

    BTW the rifle range at the top has got to be one of the two worst ranges in the Marine corps. It's against the side of a sea cliff, with a mountain on it's left, a constant cross wind, and it's in a hollow area so the wind swells.

    It's a toss up between this range and the one at Dam Neck, VA for worst ever. That one is east facing on the beach, with tall pines on either side funneling the wind in. So you're blinded by the sun and blown around lol.

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    When I was younger I always dreamed the military was one giant game of capture the flag/hide and go seek. Then I turned into a liberal douchebag due to actually believing the music I listened to and didn't join when I should've.

    My biggest regret is that I never enlisted. Sounds like your weekend was a total blast.

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    that looks awesome... how tall was that shorter guy in the picture? or how tall is everyone else, they look like giants... but i respect his courage, god knows its not easy being a marine...

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    Short and a southpaw, That can't be good. :wink:

    I hate to be the cruel hand of reality slapping you across the face but, someone has to do it.

    Life's hard, buy a helmet. You're not going to get coddled around here so get over it.

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    Cool picture.

    If I had to guess the short one is about 5'7" or 5'8" and the tall guy on the right is 6'3" because everyone else seems about average height.

    I thought about enlisting in the Corps or the Army, but my grandpa said he kick the ---- out of me, but I'm only 18 so I still have time.


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    That kid is Five foot one inch. No lie. He's got heart. We gave him an M-4 because with the interceptor vest and E-Sapi plates, he can't shoulder a M16 and get anythin resembling cheek weld. Granted, he doesn't do too well on company hikes with gear but he's got more heart then some that are bigger and still fall out of them.

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    little guys

    We had two short ones in the sniper platoon, one was about 5'1" and skinny. Made me feel like a bum when I'd be dying on a hump only to look over and see his little legs going a mile a minute to keep pace (I'm 5'8"). Good stuff.

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    Short guys may get teased and tormented, but I wouldn't sell anyone short (sorry, had to) based on that alone.

    Never seen the carry handle stuck on the forward rail before. Is that a new thing or do few shooters like it?

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    carry handle

    No, not many do it, unfortunately for accountability purposes they make us take them out of the armory, so a lot of guys for fear of losing them will just attach the thing to their rifle on the side, top, bottom, etc.

    I just locked mine in my wall locker back when I had mine!!

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