Mark 6 mil/mil question??

Mark 6 mil/mil question??

This is a discussion on Mark 6 mil/mil question?? within the Optics forums, part of the Sniping Related category; Hey guys, new to the site, and this may have been covered, but hopefully its an easy answer. Thinking of going with a Mark 6 ...

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    Mark 6 mil/mil question??

    Hey guys, new to the site, and this may have been covered, but hopefully its an easy answer.
    Thinking of going with a Mark 6 Leupold scope which has 1/10 Mil click instead of their traditional 1/4 MOA, problem it I am more comfortable with the MOA system (although a novice).
    Its my understanding that I can continue to use my MOA measurements and the divide it by 3.483 and get the correct adjustment on the scope.

    Ex: If I need to make a 4 MOA elevation adjustment= + 16 clicks on 1/4 MOA scope
    On a 1/10 mil scope I would have 1.2 ot 12 actual clicks to make the adjustment (by dividing 4 by 3.483)

    So theoretically, I could use the system I'm familiar with and have to add this 1 calculation to get the correct value ? May not be the easiest, but seems to make sense to me instead of trying to learn a different way of thinking.
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    Thanks, I agree its probably best just to relearn and think in mils.
    Just out of curiosity though, would the conversion work?

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    The conversion works like this:

    Get a mil-dot master. Use it for ranging.

    Use a ballistic calculator and range cards. Figure out the range, adjust elevation based off the data on your ballistic calculator/range card. Hold for wind based on your wind reading and ballistic calculator/range card.

    No "conversions" needed.
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    The reticle is typically in Mils so whether you have Mil/MOA or Mil/Mil, your ranging is going to be the same.

    If you have MOA turrets and have drop data in MOA, then you can convert that to Mils and just make new drop tables. Simple.

    The real advantage comes if you have a FFP scope and you are trying to make quick corrections. With Mil/Mil, if you see you are off by 0.3 Mil, then you just dial in the correction; but if you have an MOA turret, you have to convert the 0.3 Mil to MOA before you can dial.
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