Best scope for AR-15

Best scope for AR-15

This is a discussion on Best scope for AR-15 within the Optics forums, part of the Sniping Related category; Hi, Folks! for ya'll that owned AR-15, it's time to display what scope Ya'll use on it. show us the pictures of ya best rifle ...

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Thread: Best scope for AR-15

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    Best scope for AR-15

    Hi, Folks! for ya'll that owned AR-15, it's time to display what scope Ya'll use on it. show us the pictures of ya best rifle scope for AR-15.


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    Best is a subjective term. What is the intended use of the gun?

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    Vortex 1x6.jpg

    It's a bit heavy but for the price point has amazing glass a bright red dot and is rugged as hell.

    That link goes to a article about the best scope for a AR10, I'd pick a different scope than a 1x6 for that.
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    Yea best is subjective go for what suits you best

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    As mentioned before, what is your intended use? 2nd question; how good are your eyes?

    USAF 1966-1970, SEA 69-70

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    Far too general a question for a definitive answer.

    My home rifle has a 3X optic.

    My range ARs have 12X, 20X and 24X scopes based on caliber and maximum distances I plan to shoot them.

    I have used 36X in the past.

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    I have a VX-R Patrol, Nikon M223, and now an Athlon Helos 8-34 on the way.
    All will be used on an AR for different purposes.
    Some people like and are very proficient with irons out to 600 yards and even at 1000.
    There is no best one size fits all purposes scope.
    For a Compromise I would like a 1-6 power or a 2-10.
    If my 3-12 Nikon M223 was illuminated, I would be content with it if I had to only have one choice.

    A 3-15 TT would be my no budget restrictions choice for an AR or a 3-12 PMII S&B.
    They are still heavy compared to an Aimpoint for close in.
    I would want a lighter rifle for close in compared to the 20" HBAR that I have.
    The Romeo 4 is on liquidation at a local Gander Mtn For $239. I may pick one up once they drop to $200.
    It will go on a beside the bed rifle.

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    I use mostly these two Steiner M332 (3 mag) and Vortex Razor 1-6, and for irons, what I consider the best, Matech BUIS. With the Steiner my wife hits out to 800 yds easily, she has a harder time with the Razor. For me, both are great but to be honest, the best to me is the Trijicon Acog, excellent glass and perfect all around. I have one for the Scar 17 but not for an AR but will pick one up soon. I say it's the best for me because it's light and it has a perfect reticle (horseshoe or arrow) with very thin stadia lines and I can go from 3 yds out to even 1000 yds with it if I want to and it has EXCELLENT GLASS. And I know exactly what someone means when they ask, "whats the best X", I was born with common sense and logic. :mrgreen:

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    I second the comment that the question is too broad. Are you looking to engage targets inside 100 yds? 4-500yds? Do you need fast target acquisition? What target sizes are you looking to engage? Identify the mission requirements for the weapon and then I think you'll get more useful info from the ole hands here. Just a thought. The best results are usually achieved by starting with the end result in mind. Start with what you want to do and go from there.

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    My three stoner 5.56 carbines shown below ...most flexible setup is the one at the bottom ... a PAQ-4C ir-laser for night work ... a Holsun P515 reflex circle dot for day time under 100yds and a side flip 3x eotech magnifier for 101-300yds. That setup is so light you will throw it up in the air (by mistake) when you pick it up.

    For for a stoner carbine ... I like the circle dot with a side flip magnifier for a "scope" ...
    Rem .300WM(24) LS MK5 5-25x T3
    Rem .308(22) NF 7-35x T3
    Rem .308(20) LS Mk6 3-18x T3
    6.5G(18) LS Mk4 6.5-20x TMR
    5.56(18) Burris 3-15x SCR-MIL
    5.56(10.3) TEO IR-Hunter Mk3 60mm 4.5x 640(60)
    5.56(10.5) Holosun P515+3xmagnifier
    5.56(14.5) Burris 1.5-9x cq-mil
    .22LR(16) ODIN 17mm 1x 320(30)
    Tikka T1x Athlon 6-24x
    2xPVS-14 3p
    PAS29/COTI 10mm 1x 320(30)
    Skeet 17mm 1x 320(30)
    UTCx 70mm 1x 640(60)
    TEO-PATROL 19mm 1x 640(60)

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