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This is a discussion on Accuracy International Rifles & Stock within the Product Review Requests forums, part of the & Related category; Realistically, I think a stock is too much of a personalized piece of equipment to be review seriously. I think everyone has a little different ...

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    Realistically, I think a stock is too much of a personalized piece of equipment to be review seriously. I think everyone has a little different liking when it comes to stocks.

    It is like comparing Ford n' Chevy, both get the job done, but different people choose different brands because what they like better.

    As another example, think of trigger pull. Some people like it 2lbs, some like it 3, others like it in-between, and some like it higher. It is personal preference.

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    Re: Ai

    Quote Originally Posted by FLEA
    I have a Accuracy International stock on my remington 700 and I noticed a decent drop in accuracy over the HS stock that came standard. (bout .5 to about .3moa)
    This is about the only review I have found so far, comparing the same 700P, with an HS stock, then with an AICS. Sounds like your results are very similar to what this guy got with his AICS.

    It is still pretty old, so I would also like to see a review of results shooting the same rifle on an AICS, a McMillan A4/A5, and an HS Precision stock. It is a lot of money to drop on a stock and I know a lot of stock selection is personal preference but I would still like to see if there is really any difference, accuracy wise, between the three.

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    The AICS 2.0 stock is the absolutely best of the best!

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    I am getting rid of my two AICS 1.5 short action stocks. The design is good for prone shooting but is lacking in the weight and ergonomics department. The stock is 5.25 pounds out of the box. Add a AMU profile barreled receiver, scope , and loaded 10 round magazine and you have a 20 pound rifle or close to it. I like the fact that barrel channel is huge and I don't have to worry about the barrel floating. When I was younger, 20 pounds wasn't a big deal. But now every pound saved is important. I am looking at Manners or HS as their replacement. I would go with HS Precision if I know the barrel clears the channel. My $.02.

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